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Becoming a Member of Edwardian FC Youth Rugby
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3. Becoming a Member of Edwardian FC Youth Rugby

Becoming a Member

New players get 4 weeks introduction before payment is due, although registration forms need to be signed and returned immediately. Previous players will be expected to get forms and payment to team managers within the registration period of the new season. Anyone requiring assistance with fees should approach their team manager.

All players MUST complete Club Membership Form & Registration Form (see below)

Fees should be paid directly to the club (see subscription pages for more details) Your team will ensure the payment is cleared and advise the treasurer.

Cheques should be made payable to Edwardian FC Rugby Club - please write the players name on the back of the cheque.
Your manager will be able to provide Bank Details should you prefer to make an online payment, also they are displayed on Club Membership Form

The money from subscriptions goes towards a variety of things including; Club equipment, Christmas party, players meals during fixtures, coach education and hire of facilities. You should give completed membership forms and payment to the players team manager who will then process it appropriately.

Click here for Ed's Youth Rugby Membership Form

Click here for Ed's Youth Rugby Registration Form

Click her for Ed's 'Rugsters' Registration Form


Edwardian FC Junior Registration Form


Edwardian FC Rugsters Registration Form