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3. Prevention

Can concussion in rugby be prevented?
Rugby is a full contact sport, with players running around in a confined area, and it is unrealistic that concussion will be removed completely from the game. In the same way concussions can occur on our streets and in school playgrounds every day. Ideally we all want to prevent concussions occurring in the first place and there are some measures that can be taken during rugby training and games that have the potential to reduce the number of concussions seen.

Recommendations include:

  • Ensure the playing or training area is safe
  • Ensure correct techniques are coached and performed consistently by all players
  • Ensure the laws of the game are applied

What about concussions sustained elsewhere?
To prevent recurrent concussions and the rare but potential risk of prolonged or severe injury, coaches, schools and parents must encourage players to report concussions that occur during games and training sessions, and to report concussions that occur out of rugby. It is also essential that school and club coaches communicate between themselves if a player is concussed, and involve parents in these discussions.


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