AGM News - The Future is Blue, Yellow and Bright!

AGM News - The Future is Blue, Yellow and Bright!

By Gary Horton
13 August 2018
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AGM Appointments and Report 2018

At the club's recent AGM, held on 12th August 2018, the following appointments were confirmed:

  • Chairman - Stuart Wilson
  • Vice Chair - Mick Hawthorne
  • Secretary - Vicki Leach
  • Child Welfare Officers - Stuart O'Neil and Jamie Holland
  • Fund Raising Director - Jamie Holland
  • Treasurer - Johnny Tse
  • Director of Football - Gary Horton
  • Head of Communications - Matt Evans

A good year for the club under the stewardship of Stuart Wilson and Mick Hawthorne, with the overall number of players increasing yet again and with plenty of great performances on the field of play. Our reputation as a friendly community club continues to grow. We have sufficient funds in the bank to maintain operations.

It goes without saying that every club needs a willing group of volunteers to take on official club appointments and what an experienced and dedicated leadership team we truly have. Thank you to the above for taking on the challenge. The future for Eldwick Juniors FC remains blue, yellow and bright!

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