It can be 'the beautiful game' ...

It can be 'the beautiful game' ...

By Gary Horton
22 October 2017
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... if we all follow some basic DOs and DONTs!

Football can be a great game. Not just the art of playing the game itself but a football team in some ways mirrors life. Individual development, team spirit, dealing with triumph and adversity and an opportunity to establish friends for life.

It's also a passionate game where emotions can get the better of all of us. Now take the following in the sentiment in which it is meant but sometimes we all need to count to ten and remember the following DOs and DONTs.

DOs and DONTs – Players & Coaches:

  • Do show respect at all times including for the opposition and the referee
  • Do have fun
  • Do keep trying
  • Do play for and help the whole team
  • Do be on time
  • Do be willing to learn
  • Do be ambassadors for the club
  • Don’t moan and groan
  • Don’t get upset if you don’t win, there's always another match
  • Don’t be negative
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things
  • Don’t ever give up

DOs and DONTs – Parents & Supporters:

  • Do encourage
  • Do support the team whatever
  • Do support good football
  • Do show respect at all times including the opposition and the referee
  • Do accept your son or daughter cannot play every minute of every match
  • Do accept everyone makes mistakes
  • Do enjoy yourselves
  • Don’t coach!
  • Don’t get upset if we don’t win
  • Don’t shout at players on either team
  • Don’t be negative
  • Don’t openly criticise any of those involved

This isn't meant to be an exhaustive list, it's just to get you thinking. There are many others DOs and DONTs of course and it doesn't mean you can't question how a club or team operates. It's basically saying, there is a time and place and during a game probably isn't it!

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