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Academy XI Averages 2012

Academy XI Averages 2012

By Adam Kite
17 December 2012
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The averages from the 2012 season. Congratulations to Martin Hall, who topped the batting averages with an outstanding average of 71.14.

Easton & Martyr Worthy Cricket Club Academy Averages 2012

M. Hall 992498130*71.14
S. Upcraft 22905645
C. Campbell551885237.6
J. Green4323317*33
D. Rigdon11222222
S. Maunder431361718
Angus MacLeod331553517.25
Andy MacLeod22313015.5
J. May9911014012.62
R. Carrick64223911.5
H. Compton22212010.5
K. Farrington 5548209.6
M. Cooper2214117
W. Upcraft2213136.5
J. Conroy4315105
Jordon. Banks11555
E. Compton22743.5
E. Brackstone221222
A. Barker43321
C. Hodnett11111
T. Allen53220.66
B. Pendlebury63110.33
A. Lobb11000
S. Hicks9442512/
I. Campbell11166/

J. Green2486488
W. Upcraft11.225769.5
J. Banks10416116
C. Campbell354155917.22222222
R. Carrick4713125717.85714286
M. Cooper17087421.75
S. Hicks23.3597424.25
E. Brackstone8029129
M. Hall6034134
S. Maunder10245145
B. Pendlebury373150275
A. Barker16190190
T. Allen2101031103
A. MacLeod2080/
D. Rigden10120/
Z. Mitchell40130/
S. Upcraft20150/
J. May20160/
K. Farrington40180/
C. Hodnett50240/
A. Lobb40310/
E. Compton90650/

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