The 100 Club Keeps On Giving

The 100 Club Keeps On Giving

By Martin Baker
16 November
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You've got to be in it to WIN it!

The 100 Club winnings keeps my fashion up to date
Chris Conlan

The Club's 100 Club continues to reward those who pay into the monthly draw. Our readers may wish to know who has won over the last year!

October 2020: Winner - Tom Roper; Runner Up - Pete Richey
September 2020: Winner - Chris Conlan (CC) (Pictured); Runner Up - John Le Strange
August 2020: Winner - Keir Bonnar: Runner Up - Pete (Chippy ) Carron
July 2020: Winner - Andrew Cowan: Runner Up - Steve Smyth
June 2020: Winner Allan (Jock) Fay: Runner Up - Robin (Pavvo) Richards
May 2020: Winner Gerry Scahill; Runner Up - Wes Warren
April 2020: Winner - Dave Watts; Runner Up - Chris (CC) Conlan
March 2020: Winner - Pete Richey: Runner Up - Matt Jones
February 2020: Winner - Tony Clewlow; Runner Up - Chris Phillips
January 2020: Winner - Jerry Wells; Runner Up - Ali Cook
December 2020: Winner Matt Jones: Runner Up - Steve Smyth
November 2020: Winner Dave Watts: Runner Up - Andrew Cowan

There is still time to enter for future draws.
The 100 Club is a monthly draw with half the takings going out in prizes (two thirds to the winner and one third to the runner up). The club takes the other half of the takings.

Currently the monthly winner receives over £90, but we hope to boost that with new members.

Anyone can join. If you are not a member and wish to join, please set up a standing order for a monthly payment (minimum of £2) to the bank account below:
Natwest Bank
Sort code: 60-16-12
A/c number: 83904298
A/c name: EIRFC 100 Club
Reference: Your name

Many thanks.

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