Net Booking

The Government and the ECB have issued advice allowing restricted Cricket training to recommence

We will be reopening limited Net facilities from Thursday 1st April Please note that there are extensive rules that we must follow to operate in this period of social distancing and heightened awareness. Anyone breaching these rules will be suspended from using the club facilities.


  • 3 nets will be open to book sessions – all of the new nets.
  • Clubhouse nets remain out of bounds and closed due to safety issues.
  • Nets can only be booked between 10am and 8pm daily
  • All facilities including nets remain closed outside of these hours and must not be used
  • The outfield can be used for fielding or fitness training but the rule of 6 applies for non-organised sessions
  • Some times will be blocked out for organised training mainly in the evening between 5-8pm


  • Bookings will be made available through an online system and can only be booked by signed up members.
  • Membership can be purchased at our website ,click on the shop menu and choose the relevant membership.
  • Once signed up you can access the booking system by pressing this net booking link.
  • You can book a 55minute session within a 1-hour slot.
  • All bookings must be made at least the day before the session.
  • Please arrive not more than 5 minutes before your slot starts and leave as soon as the 55mins is completed.
  • There will be a restriction of three bookings per week per member
  • Up to 6 people can be training in each net but children U16 must be supervised by an adult
  • If you are not playing, please bring a chair and watch from a safe and socially distanced point as there are no benches to sit on to watch
  • No additional spectators will be allowed other than parent supervisors
  • Social distancing of 2m must always be maintained for those from different households
  • Note that only stumps will be provided in each net, no other equipment will be provided – you will have to use your own equipment, including balls, bats etc.
  • If using a hardball, normal equipment rules apply, i.e. helmets, pads, gloves and any other protective equipment MUST be worn during the session.
  • Wash your hands at home before and after using the facilities and bring your own hand sanitizer where possible.
  • 121 coaching is allowed
  • If you are a coach you will be only able to coach members of the club in the nets


The clubhouse will remain closed during non-club organised sessions; therefore, all toilets, handwashing or refreshment facilities will not be available, please go to the toilet before coming to the club. Any urination on the grounds is not acceptable and will mean that person is suspended from the club.
We do need responsible supervisors to help manage the nets, please sign up through the net booking system
Please put your kit in socially distances spaces away from others from different household who may be using the nets
CAR PARKING – please only use the clubhouse car park and maintain social distancing.
Do not turn up to your session early to socialize – we need to discourage group gatherings of any kind and ask all members to maintain discipline in this area.
First Aid kits will be available at each net for use during the session times if required. If used please use one of the sanitizing swabs within the kit to wipe it down after use.
Net gates will be open and remain open for the duration of the sessions and the club representative will be responsible for opening and shutting the gates, limiting your need to touch any surfaces at the start and end of each day.
No saliva or sweat should come in contact with the ball whilst training and No spitting is allowed during your time at the club
Anyone who is Clinically vulnerable or who has symptoms of Covid-19 should not be using or booking the facility at this time to safeguard themselves and other members
Members to be mindful of others on site (Tennis Players, ground staff etc.) and remain sensitive to NHS workers who may be using the site to park


For the initial couple of weeks, we will keep the operation simple so we can manage it effectively. We will regularly review and look to open this up further as soon as restrictions ease.
We appreciate the cooperation of our Members at this time
Any changes to the current rules will be communicated in advance