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Thoroughbreds triumph at Lords!

Thoroughbreds triumph at Lords!

Tom Nickels20 Mar - 19:10
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5 win Epsom Thoroughbreds beat all comers.

The Epsom Thoroughbreds (TBs) took part in a 6 team competition at Lords involving sides from Sussex, Middlesex, Essex and Berkshire, and Wallington from Surrey.
The TBs won all 5 games due primarily to our outstanding fielding and bowling. The TBs batting, however, would probably be described as average!
Team members Barret, Sharon, Paul, David P, Ian, Roger, Jeremy, Patrick and Richard all contributed equally and effectively to ensure we took the title.
Special mentions to:
Barret for stepping in at short notice and providing a steadying hand;
Paul for outstanding catching and fielding;
Roger for playing through the pain barrier;
And Patrick for telling us his football team nickname used to be "psycho," which explains why Patrick bats as he does!!
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