Squad Announcement For Porvoo Game

Squad Announcement For Porvoo Game

By John King
16 April
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Both Teams Have Announced Their Respective Squads

Forwards win games, backs decide by how much

As the game gets closer both teams have now announced their squad lists for the game.

Porvoo Rugby Club

Starting XV

  1. Lindblad, Jesper (VC)
  2. Helenius, John
  3. Riff, Jim
  4. Kristjankroon, Glenn
  5. Salert, Marko
  6. Larsen, Petter (C)
  7. Rogers, Stefan
  8. Kataja, Jusso
  9. Gali Valls, Ari
  10. Kerr, Daniel
  11. Pääkkö, Samu-Petteri (VC)
  12. Backman, Linus
  13. Tuoresmäki, Jarkko
  14. Bagge, Thomas
  15. Bannatyne, Alexander

Paavelainen, Tommi
Kuutti, Samuel
Åkerberg, Otto
Henrikkson, Oskar
Dent, Casey
Buckley, Craig
Taminen, Joni
Olander, Jemi
Pollard, Curtis

Head Coach: Casey Dent

Espoo Rugby Club

Starting XV

  1. Kalanti, Lauri
  2. Anya Plaza, Eduardo (VC)
  3. Tapaninen, Marko
  4. Lakkonen, Mikko
  5. Podschivalow, Juri
  6. Vainio, Matias
  7. Närhi, Mika (C)
  8. Klubb, Jesse
  9. Horn, Chris
  10. Bergman, Niko
  11. Salmi, Ville
  12. Löhmus, Aivar
  13. Higgs, Sam
  14. Rönholm, Tristan
  15. Henriksson, Jere

Déau, Regis
Karpela, Totti
Lounio, Heikki
Tiisanoja, Henri
King, John
Гайнуллин, Александр
Kalamees, Meelis

Head Coach: John King

Match Officials: Isaac Visser

The game will be played in 4 parts of 20 minutes with rolling subs as both teams are looking to use this opportunity to try out new systems and player combinations. The game will also be part of the DHL Rugby Delivered campaign which is in conjunction with the Japan Rugby World Cup 2019™ @DHLRugby #RugbyDelivered. We look forward to seeing you all there.

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