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The RFU’s Rugby 365, artificial grass pitch (AGP) programme is part of its Rugby World Cup 2015 legacy of delivering more than £50m investment into 100 AGPs across England, over a development period of four years.

These AGP Pitches are available to hire offering rugby all year round. If you wish to hire then visit the Book a Pitch page for enquiries and bookings.

For any other enquiries, including pitch development and bookings, please email

So why are we investing in these facilities?

- We want to create and offer more access to rugby:

The Rugby 365 pitches will create over 50,000 more playing hours for clubs across the country, ensuring more matches and training sessions can take place. The additional games and training sessions will allow more participation at flexible times to suit the changing playing demands we are currently seeing.

- We want to improve the player experience:

Overused natural turf pitches have a detrimental impact on the playing experience and the enjoyment of our players. The average floodlit pitch in England is currently is 60% overused, creating a challenging environment for players training. The Rugby 365 programme will ensure a consistent and quality experience for the players within the communities they are based.

How will the RFU invest in AGPs?
The RFU investment funds two types of pitches in locations across the country to ensure maximum access and rugby participation:

Rugby Turf” pitches: 60 pitches on rugby club sites, operated by the RFU, to be used by the host club and other local clubs and education establishments, enabling games to be played and training to be maximised.

Rugby Share” pitches: 40 pitches on community sites with a guaranteed number of hours for use by rugby.These sites will be part-funded by the RFU.

See the AGP Strategy page for more information or to register an expression of interest in the Rugby Share programme.