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1. Become an Eton Manor Sponsor

We feel our Sponsorship Partners should ideally be Companies, Organisation’s or individuals based in or around London – that, like us that has a vested interest in the City & community that it resides in.

As a progressive club, we are looking to attract the right kind of partners to help us develop and improve our club, facilities & players. Our sponsorship partners will secure a whole range of benefits & reward from association with a East London based, successful sports club that for over 90 years has provided the local community with sporting opportunities for anyone interested in the playing or watching Rugby Union.

Originally created to provide the under privileged children of East London the opportunity to participate in sport, our clubs ethos has always been one of well being, inclusion, aspiration and community benefit, and with your help we will continue to deliver these essential values for our local community.

Securing a Primary Club Sponsor with that shared vision would be very advantageous to both parties.

Please download our latest Sponsorship Partners Packages to see how you can help our club.

For more details contact Mark Farrell 0n 07951 577799 or email at markfarrell@btconnect.com.



Sponsorship Partners Packages 2019-20