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Who We Are

" Building the Passion for Excellence "

Express Football Club is committed to teaching and developing youth soccer players from U8 to U19 to successfully compete at a level consistent with every player’s development objective as well as every family’s commitment and budget.

Our Philosophy:

To develop youth soccer players and well-rounded individuals. We teach players the correct fundamentals that will allow them to maximize their individual potential. We put each player's development to the forefront of our training so that they are technically competent and understand the tactical aspects of the game. We believe if a solid technical foundation is built for them, the rest will take care of itself. Our success will be defined by the emphasis on our development program.

  • Create an enjoyable and effective learning environment.
  • Foster the love for the game.
  • Encourage risk taking.
  • Encourage individual creativity.
  • Develop players to their maximum potential.
  • Create a positive life long experience.
  • Positive coaching program helps create positive role models.

Our Mission:

  • Serve our members.
  • Organize our teaching system to better educate players.
  • Create FUNdamentals to develop better players.
  • Commit to fair play and good sportsmanship.
  • Evaluate our coaches and players to maximize potential.
  • Respect our Coaches, Staff, Referees and Opponents.

Our Objectives:

To provide the highest level of coaching/training while keeping the program affordable for our diverse community and surrounding cities.

To create an environment for those players who seek a more competitive experience playing with and against teams like those in the Michigan Youth Soccer League and Michigan State Premier Soccer Program.