Covid-19 - updated

Covid-19 - updated

By Jonathan Matthews
4 April
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A message from the Chairman regarding the supension of all cricket activities in response to the Covid-19 situation

Message from the Chairman - 21 April 2020
In the week in which our first senior matches of the season should be taking place, and our first junior training sessions should be getting underway, there is no sign of any resumption of cricket. We remain in close contact with Surrey Cricket and with the ECB, and we will update everyone if and when things change. Whilst the Club is carefully controlling its costs in view of our current lack of income, we are incurring essential expenditure, e.g. on our grounds, so that we can start playing very quickly if Government guidelines allow us to do so.

Off the field the Committee is keeping busy-

  • we are in the process of launching our new updated website
  • we are rolling out our new digital membership platform
  • we are talking to our sponsors about how we can help them
  • although there will now inevitably be delays and new challenges in raising funds, we are continuing work to refine designs for our pavilion redevelopment

Current and prospective members could really help us by-

  • registering their membership on our new system. We want to get everyone signed up as soon as possible. Instructions and the necessary link were sent out to everyone by email on 8th April- to the seniors by Jonny Matthews and to juniors/parents by Yvonne Morrisroe. If you didn't receive this email please check your spam folder or let us know. Thank you to the 57 who have signed up as members so far- that means there are potentially another 200 still to do so!
  • when your membership is accepted by the system there will be the opportunity for you to pay your subscription or to make a donation to the Club. Because of the lack of cricket currently there is absolutely no obligation on you to make any payment. However, if you did feel able to do so this would be gratefully received by the Club, as we do incur fixed running costs which we have to continue to meet.

Message from the Chairman - 19 March 2020
These are extraordinary times.

In line with Government guidance, and following advice received yesterday from the England Cricket Board, sadly Farnham CC is having to cease all cricket-related activities with immediate effect, and until further notice. Specifically, the immediate implications of this are:

  • All scheduled pre-season nets for senior and junior players are cancelled.
  • The pre-season friendlies for our 1st and 2nd XIs scheduled for 18th and 25th April are cancelled.
  • The Friday evening junior coaching sessions which were due to commence on 24th April will not now commence on that date, and are suspended until further notice.
  • All scheduled competitive matches for the junior and senior sections of the Club are suspended until further notice.

Clearly, public health must be the first priority, and these measures are both sensible and to be expected. However, there are implications for the Club, and the Committee is currently focused on these. We are mindful that our income from all sources could be significantly reduced, and, notwithstanding the absence of cricket, the Club will continue to incur fixed running costs which it must meet. We are, however, confident that, with the steps that we are already taking to reduce non-critical expenditure and with the support of our members and friends we will be able to manage our way through this difficult period.

To assist with these efforts, and to be in a position to respond quickly as and when cricket in some form can recommence, we will soon be contacting all members as part of our usual pre-season process. We will be asking for registration details to be completed, and we will be inviting all those who feel willing and able to do so to pay subscriptions as normal. However, we do recognise that members may prefer not to do this, particularly given the potential for there to be no cricket for a significant period of time, and that would be entirely understandable.

I will update you once there is further information. In the meantime the Committee will continue to ensure that the Club is in a strong position to re-emerge as circumstances change. If there are any questions please feel free to post or to contact me by email on

Keep well.
David Godden

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