Fantasy Cricket Week 1

Fantasy Cricket Week 1

By Tom Hull
24th April 2018
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Molly takes an early lead

The Cricket season is off and running, and with that the Fantasy Season has also started well.
With just the 2 games this week only 20 players scored points both + and -

Those with the 2 players playing in both games will have benefited slightly
The top 3 from each area this week.

PositionNameValueSelected ByWeek PointsTotal
1Matthew Bowles£5.1m64%8888
2Steven Franklin£4.6m18%7272
3Tom Hull£4.5m50%5757
PositionNameValueSelected ByWeek PointsTotal
1Brad Deamer£5.6m64%7979
2Mark Hayworth£3.5m5%4444
3Peter Sutton£6.5m27%4040
3Richard Gibbons£6m14%4040
All Rounders
PositionNameValueSelected ByWeek PointsTotal
1John Rose£5.5m59%4141
2Jakobus Slabbert£5.5m45%4141
3Tim Cotton£5.5m59%3131
PositionNameValueSelected ByWeek PointsTotal
1Greg Smith£7m27%5353
2Simon Evans£7m9%2828
3Shaun Bensley£3.5m55%00
PositionTeam NameManagerTotal
1Molmols teams Molly449
2Kipling Cake XIPeter Sutton349
3Wardy’s Wonderers Jess Ward349
4Super SloggersTom Hull340
5Deamer’s Beamers Bradley337

Game Week 1

Highest ScoreLowest ScoreAverage ScoreBest PlayerWorst PlayerTeams Entered
Molmols teams Farningham CasualsMatthew BowlesPaul Fletcher

You can still join up if you wish it’s not too late, points will be coming thick and fast with 3 games most weeks now until September.
Weather will play an important roll through out too I’m sure.

As will that all important transfer on a weekly basis

Good Luck all

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