Sun 08
CSA 07 Fire Whites
Under 10s
6 Goal Thriller Away From Home

6 Goal Thriller Away From Home

By Nicky Fox
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FC Cougars come back from being behind twice to earn a well fought 3-3 draw

Adam I
Austin W
Oliver I
Kacper C
Alex D
Harry L
Lewis J
Angus S
Theo H
Thomas F

Score By 1/4 & Scorers:
1st 1/4 : 0-1 (T.Fox)
2nd 1/4 : 1-1
3rd 1/4 : 1-1
4th 1/4 : 3-3 (T.Hearn; T.Fox)

Player Of The Match:
Oliver Isong

Team Formation:
2 - 1 - 2 - 1
Left Defence Right Defence
Central Midfielder
Left Midfielder Right Midfielder

Park House School

Dry, warm & sunny

Pitch Condition:
Average. Was part of the rugby pitch so longer grass and bobbly.
Pitch was also a lot smaller (width & length) than FA guidelines.

The boys did really well in our first 7 vs 7 outside game in almost 6 months to earn a 3-3 draw in our season opener agains CSA 07 Fire Whites; a team that we have always lost to!
The pitch did not suit the style of play that we train for, it was the opposite conditions to how we set ourselves up in training, but the boys adapted well throughout the game with the weight of passing needed and the restrictions in space (width & depth) for when we attacked.

We played positively; both defensively & offensively and fully deserved the draw.
On balance with our possession & chances, we could have won.

Notable Moments/Mention:
I really appreciate that a number of boys played in different positions and some had to stick to positions for the whole match; this positive attitude really helps the team! Where & when we can, we will rotate players & positions.

Foul Count: we only conceded one foul and we won 3 free kicks.

Corners: we won a huge amount of corners and the delivery of them was good. Our defending of corners was good too.

Throw Ins: arguably at junior level the secret weapon to winning as you are guaranteed to get dozens of these per game. It is important that we don't waste them and the boys did really well to remember to commit 3 and to push forward.

Our second goal (Theo) was a fantastic team effort with some lovely team passing from end to end and across the pitch. It was also a great finish!

Our third goal (Tom) was a great example of playing the ball quickly into the pivot & exploiting space.

Our goalkeepers did really well with distribution and some really good saves. I believe (if I recall the 1/4s correctly) Adam kept a clean sheet and Austin pulled off some impressive high shot saves and continental style punched clearances from corners.

Our defenders, midfielders & attackers did really well too; Kacper & Oliver repelling the attacks; Alex covering a lot of ground to support the defenders and link the attackers; Harry, Angus, Lewis, Theo & Tom working hard to create chances and convert them.

I also think Harry almost knocked someone out with the power of one his shots! A very brave defender it has to be said!

Overall, a great start to the season, loads of positives and always some things to work on.

Of course it is worth mentioning that the coaches looked super smart in matching team hoodies! Not sure what we will wear when it rains though?!

Finally, a big thank you to all the players and parents for today. It is always appreciated.

Key Things To Work On For Next Game:
Corners: conversion of chances.
Pressing: Hold them up, stay angled & 1:1s.
Positioning: reminder of disciplines and transition.
Passing Consistency: weight, where it goes (tactically) and quicker.

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Oliver Isong

Player of the match

Oliver Isong