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Cougars Score 10 To Win Away From Home

Cougars Score 10 To Win Away From Home

By Nicky Fox
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FC Cougars played very well to secure first victory of the season with 6 different goal scorers!

Hugo H
Tobias L
Fergus H
Kacper C
Alex D
Harry L
Thomas F
Angus S
Oskar L
Harry C
Theo H

Score By 1/4 & Scorers:
1st 1/4 : 0-3 (K.Czopek; H. Loader; T.Fox)
2nd 1/4 : 1-5 (Own Goal; H.Loader)
3rd 1/4 : 1-8 (O.Lewandowski; T.Fox; T.Hearn)
4th 1/4 : 2-10 (A.Shankland; T.Hearn)

Player Of The Match:
Fergus Heslop

Team Formation:
2 - 1 - 2 - 1
Left Defence Right Defence
Central Midfielder
Left Midfielder Right Midfielder

Park House School, Newbury

Very wet pitch & raining hard for most of the game.

Pitch Condition:
Was part of the rugby pitch so longer grass and bobbly.
However, pitch was bigger than last week.

The boys played really well to secure our first victory of the season with season debuts (& first ever league match debuts) being made by Hugo H & Fergus H.

It was a repeat fixture from 2 weeks ago where we drew 3-3 in our first game of the season and a match that I felt we could have won with all the chances we created.

The boys have worked hard in training on positioning, pressing, shooting & passing and it was looking better in every area!

Overall, we played well, we kept our shape better and we created a lot of chances. The opposition manager thought we should have had 20 goals!

Notable Moments/Mention:

One of the most positive moments was the referee (he was a CSA manager) spoke to me in every interval and was incredibly complimentary about how the boys played . . . for example, he said that he loved the way they played as a team, he thought that they well organised, that they had positive attitudes and at the end that they should all go very far! Well done boys!

One of the more interesting moments on the sideline was the opposition manager thought half the team were brothers and asked Alan & I how many were related! To be fair there were a lot of blonde heads out there today.

Foul Count: we conceded a number of fouls today but I thought that a number were "soft" and the referee was trying to even it out a little. Regardless, none of them were more than careless (reckless & excessive are the other categorisations) & we competed much better physically.

I am going to struggle with a goal review today & to do them all justice as there were so many . . . . . all of them were well taken and typically from some good team play. For example, Kacper's was fantastic as he was following up at a corner and took it well. Theo's first goal was a lovely one-two with Thomas before cooly slotting home. Good shooting from Harry L, Angus, Oskar & Thomas for the others and lots of good team play en-route.

Our goalkeepers, Hugo & Tobias, did really well in difficult conditions with confident distribution and good saves. Tobias did very well to smother a few one on ones and when the ball was pin balling about in the area. Hugo was excellent on his debut and saved a free kick from short range very well and also kept a clean sheet.
Our defenders did very well today, Kacper, Harry C & Fergus H, really provided a solid platform for the rest of the team and stood their ground in keeping the CSA attackers at bay. All of them tackled well and stood up to any physicality. Also, good to see Kacper going for it on the corners with all parts of his body!
Alex in central midfield pressed well, tackled well & covered a lot of ground to support the defenders and had a decent weight of passing to send the wide midfielders and attackers away. A fantastic work ethic in the middle.
Harry L, Angus, Theo, Oskar worked very hard to support the defence, transition, and then create & take chances in attack. It is a lot of work in midfield but they all stuck to the task and gave it everything.
Thomas did well in attack, a notable shoulder barge on one player, and he fought well to be disruptive and create chances either by going it alone or crossing for others.

The start to the season continues positively, it was fantastic for the boys hard work to come off with a well deserved victory and I look forward to seeing how they do against the opposition from the other week (& who we lost to) on the 29th!

Finally, a big thank you to all the players and parents for today. It is always appreciated.

And a special call out again to Kasia for the amazing photos. I will upload all of them from messenger to Pitchero ASAP.

Key Things To Work On For Next Game:
Shooting: Individual technique & creating shooting opportunities.
Pressing: Hold them up, stay angled & 1:1s. Stop jumping in & stop turning our backs!
Positioning: Watch for the gaps in the pitch. Close the gaps, stop chasing the ball & the player. Think about the space.

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