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Under 10s
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Cougars Triumph To Take The Title!

Cougars Triumph To Take The Title!

By Nicky Fox
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Cougars Win 12-0 At Home To Win The League Undefeated As They Dominate & Decimate The Harriers

Kacper C
Thomas F
Oliver I
Adam I
Harry L
Alex D
Lewis J
Will S
Tobias L
Harry C
Theo H

Score By 1/4 & Scorers:
1st 1/4 : 3-0 (T.Fox; T. Fox; T.Fox)
2nd 1/4 : 5-0 (T.Hearn; H.Loader)
3rd 1/4 : 8-0 (T.Fox; T.Fox; H.Loader)
4th 1/4 : 12-0 (T.Fox; T.Fox; T.Fox; T.Fox)

Player Of The Match:
FC Cougars Squad!

Team Formation:
2 - 1 - 2 - 1
Left Defence Right Defence
Central Midfielder
Left Midfielder Right Midfielder

St.Andrews School, Pangbourne

Cold, Dry & Windy

Pitch Condition:
Average - wet, lots of leaves, clumpy grass, boggy

This match was expected to be a win and I was delighted that we won! We are unbeaten and top of the league and the Harriers have lost every game and are bottom of the league. The challenge for the team was to stay disciplined, be ruthless, play with energy and dominate the game.
It is fantastic that our boys/squad are now consistently playing really well, they continue to progress, they continue to develop better positional awareness, they are competing physically for the ball as well and they can win tough matches.

As I always comment, we have formed a pattern of play in the matches; we dominate for large parts of the game, we create a lot of chances, we show fantastic spirit throughout, we are good at set pieces, we defend well, we typically clear the ball well, we could score more goals . . . but . . . we must transition quicker and more consistently from attack to defence, we must press/defend as a team (starting with the attacker), we must make our challenges consistently count (especially in and around our area) and we must maintain our positional discipline!

It is fantastic that we have comprehensively beaten a team that 2 years ago we always lost to; a year ago we drew with and now we are dominating and beating. This shows the progress the team have made but tougher matches await and the team are ready for them! The team did play really well & achieved a thoroughly well deserved win to end the season in style!

Notable Moments/Mention:
Overall, it was a good game technically to watch and the team played very well. I am pleased with the energy, the positioning, the commitment and the team work. I am really proud with how the team have developed this season and they are achieving results that their hard work warrants.

We scored twelve goals, and as ever, we should have had a few more . . .
Tom scored nine goals (but should have hit double figures)
Harry L worked very hard and competed consistently and scored 2 key goals.
Theo was a constant threat and possesses a powerful shot. He scored a lovely goal and was unlucky to not have scored more.
Alex & Oliver had a lot of chances too and on another day would have bagged a few goals each!

In summary, our goalkeepers, Adam & Tobias, did really well in cold conditions and to react when called upon. There were large parts of the game where they were spectators and then they needed to be able to switch on and save some shots. Tobias continues to demonstrate his confidence in coming off his line and challenging players and Adam demonstrated some good handling from low powerful shots.
Our defenders also did very well, Kacper, Harry C & Lewis, to keep good discipline on positions, stay focused, to challenge hard and clear the ball when under pressure.
Alex had a typically industrious & dynamic game in Centre Midfield. His positional awareness improves with every match and he did a very good job in disrupting the opposition and then setting the midfielders/attackers free. He also made a number of good runs forward and chased the ball hard - a fantastic performance and a shame he could not convert some of his hard earned chances.
Oliver, Will S, Theo & Harry L worked very hard in Midfield. They worked lots of good passes, great link up play, good tracking back and created a number of chances to make us look very strong offensively.
Thomas continues to perform well up front. He continues to hold the ball up well when outnumbered, he looks to "break the line" against opposition defenders and is proactive in looking to shoot or is selfless in putting a teammate through.

I also have to add that Andy did a very good job reffing the game! He was strong against a lot of unfair moaning from the opposition coaches/parents and he managed to keep up with the play to make some good decisions. Indeed, versus the last time he reffed; this was a day of redemption for Andy!

Finally, a big thank you to all the players and parents for Sunday. It is always appreciated.
And as always, a special call out again to Kasia for the amazing photos.

Things To Work On
Shooting/Finishing: for Futsal we need more players to be able to transfer power through the ball, especially as the ball is at least 30% heavier! We continue to create lots of chances and we have numerous players who are in positions to score but are not getting the power through the ball. This Saturday we will be working on shooting technique.

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