Sun 01
FC Premier 2020
T Henry (15'), T Gordon (40'), (62'), (64'), (72'), B Sowe (44'), D Henry (50'), (52'), (86'), K Sappelton (71')
It's all coming together.

It's all coming together.

By Ian Richards
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Ready for the new season.

Today all the hard work and pre season matches over the summer has paid off. I feel as if we have taken a bit from each friendly that we have played and really improved in a number of areas and today was the first time that we were back to full strength after holidays and other stuff for various players. If we can keep this group of players together then I think we can achieve great things this season. Joshua Capelin controlled the defence as he played in a new sweeper role, George was superb in midfield both attacking and defending and the 2 strikers Daniel Henry and Thierry Gordon netted 7 between them. Strong performances all round..
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Sun 01, Sep 2019