Social Media Policy

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are a useful way for keeping in touch with friends, family and colleagues and a useful way for exchanging information and news. However players/staff/members who use social media sites should be mindful that as representatives of Ferguslie Cricket Club (FCC), they must not post anything which may bring the Club into disrepute or shall clearly cause distress or offence to other persons through their use of such sites.

Whilst there is no intention to restrict any proper and sensible exercise of the individual’s rights and freedoms, it is expected that all players/staff/members will conduct themselves in such a way as to avoid bringing the Club into disrepute or compromising its reputation.

All players/staff/members should be aware that the FCC takes the posting of offensive material, and the harassment, bullying or victimisation of others, within or outwith, the Club, seriously. All players/staff/members should be aware that any inappropriate posts made on social media sites will be considered by the Committee. It should also be noted that extreme cases may result in action under civil and criminal law.

The following should be adhered to at all times

Players/staff/members must not display images or make comments that are clearly offensive or in any way harass, intimidate, bully, victimise or discriminate against other players/staff/members or the public on any social networking site.

Players/staff/members must be absolutely clear throughout their communications that any views expressed are personal and do not represent the official position of FCC.

Players/staff/members should not write a blog in an official capacity i.e. representing the views of FCC without permission of the committee.

Players/staff/members must not use any FCC logo on any of their social networking communications to avoid giving the inference of official FCC endorsement.

The FCC playing kit represents the image of the Club and players should ensure that if they are photographed wearing the kit it is in a manner that is appropriate and respectful to the Club.

All players/staff/members are reminded that they are required to comply with the guidance above as a condition of their membership/employment.