Coach Code of Conduct
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1. Coach Code of Conduct

  • CHILDREN play for FUN and ENJOYMENT; winning is only part of this.

  • NEVER ridicule or shout at a child for making mistakes or losing games.

  • CONDEMN any act of physical, verbal or psychological abuse of a child.

  • AVOID over playing of talented players; the average ones deserve time and attention.

  • BE REASONABLE in your demands on children’s time, energy and enthusiasm – remember they have other interests.

  • TEACH children to respect the judgment of officials. Never publicly criticise an official or other coach.

  • MAKE a personal commitment to keep informed on sound coaching principles and the principles of growth and development of children.

  • GROUP players according to age, height skill and physical ability wherever possible.

  • FOLLOW the advice of medical personnel when deciding if a player can return following injury.

  • A SUCCESSFUL coach invests more time in the wellbeing and interests of players than their own win-loss record.

  • READ, understand, acknowledge and put into practice the guidelines set out in the Club’s Child Protection Guidelines, Health & Safety and Equality processes to ensure a safe, effective and child friendly club.

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