1st Team
Ali Scott

Ali Scott

Tight-head Prop
Looks like Ali Scott didn’t play this season


1. Favourite rugby player?
Ben tameifuna

2. What would you do on a Saturday if you didn't play rugby?
Eat, sleep and wank

3. What's your favorite cheese?

4. Would you rather spend an evening with Ferris or Weaver?

5. Why do you play for Frampton?
I get told to by AJ

6. Something we don't know about you is?
I had a shit outside someones house because I didn't want to poo at a house party

7. Which player is the most emotional/passionate?
Creedy because he cries every game

8. If you were Prime Minister which one law would you bring in?
Chubby Woody to become the new face of the 50p

9. Best/funniest memory of last season?
Knowing that AJ was getting taken back to Bristol after the Cheltenham North game last season

10. Your motto is?
Eat, sleep, rave repeat

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