1st Team
Brandon Ball

Brandon Ball

Loose-head Prop
Looks like Brandon Ball didn’t play this season

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1. Favourite rugby player?
Billy Vunipola

2. What would you do on a saturday if you didn't play rugby?
Get a Saturday job

3. What's your favourite cheese?
Red Leicester

4. Would you rather spend an evening with Ferris or Weaver?

5. Why do you play for Frampton?
Because Cess got me here from the age of 6!

6. Something we don't know about you is?
I play squash

7. Which player is the most emotional/passionate?
Frosty (big baby)

8. If you were Prime Minister which one law would you bring in?
Free kebabs on a night out

9. Best/funniest memory of last season?
The best weekend ever

10. Your motto is?
In life you've got to live for something or you'll die for nothing

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