Josh Creed
Former Player

Josh Creed

Number 8
Looks like Josh Creed didn’t play this season


1. Favourite rugby player?
Richie McCaw

2. What would you do on a saturday if you didn't play rugby?
Wonder I wasn't playing rugby, till the aches and pains took their toll on Sunday and then remembered why I didn't play!

3. What's your favourite cheese?

4. Would you rather spend an evening with Ferris or Weaver?
Both and watch them slate each other!

5. Why do you play for Frampton?
It's where it all began and the social scene is unlike anywhere else.

6. Something we don't know about you is?
We are a pretty close team, we know everything!

7. Which player is the most emotional/passionate?
Ferris and Geordie!

8. If you were Prime Minister which one law would you bring in?
I would try and introduce some common sense as that's what seems to be missing!

9. Best/funniest memory of last season?
Too many to list, but probably the best was watching AJ's face drop as we headed back down the M5 rather than into Gloucester!

10. Your motto is?
Live life to the fullest!!

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