1st Team
Tom Bowen-Hall
Former Player

Tom Bowen-Hall

Full Back
Looks like Tom Bowen-Hall didn’t play this season


1. Favourite rugby player?
Will Greenwood

2. What would you do on a saturday if you didn't play rugby?
Play golf

3. What's your favourite cheese?
Norwegian Blue

4. Would you rather spend an evening with Ferris or Weaver?
Ferris - He would bring the cider

5. Why do you play for Frampton?
The great people at the club and the passion for the badge

6. Something we don't know about you is?
I have a Rugby World Cup winner for a boss

7. Which player is the most emotional/passionate?
Brandon Ball

8. If you were Prime Minister which one law would you bring in?
3 day weekends

9. Best/funniest memory of last season?
Tommy Harris pouring a dirty pint over his head rather than drink it

10. Your motto is?
No stone left unturned

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