Under 7s
Sun 10 Nov 2013
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Under 7s
The Gordando Challenge

The Gordando Challenge

Christie KNOWLES4 Dec 2013 - 19:39
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Well matched teams demonstrate sporting play

On the chilly morning of 24 November our ‘small but mighty’ U7’s played away at Gordano where they all got great runs of play over 3 matches where they all showed great sportsmanship.
Led by their coach Dominic Bains with the support of Darren, Gareth and Phil the team put their training into practice. All our boys and girl were focused and motivated with each five-a-side team working well together to produce some spectacular tagging and tremendous tries.
The matches saw the ‘small but mighty’ demonstrated some excellent tagging with one player from the Green Tag team making Gordano work extremely hard for their try as he stuck with them, taking four tags in quick succession before they broke through the defence line to score.
Controlled and confident passing in the matches allowed the players to move down the pitch before making a break from Gordano on numerous occasions to score tries.
One player from the Yellow/Green Tag team showed off some fancy footwork darting around the opposition determined to avoid being tagged before successfully making a break for the try line and scoring.
Both teams were evenly matched with Gordano only just beating us by 44 to 42.
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Sun 10 Nov 2013




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