Fantasy Football Rules
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15. Fantasy Football Rules


  • You must pick a minimum of three players from each of the three Saturday sides (list of players to follow nearer the new season).

  • You must pick a side with one goalkeeper and use a formation of either 442, 352, 532, 343 or 433, these formations must include the relevant amount of players in that position, e.g. 442 consists of 4 defenders, 4 midfielders and 2 strikers, 433 consists of 4 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 strikers, etc.

  • By popular demand there will be a 'Yeo Bonus' by picking three players to go on your bench from the Yeoman list of players, their scores from the Sunday games will also go onto your totals. You can pick a player for your starting XI and also pick that same player for the bench if they are on both player lists. Your starting XI must all be from the Saturday sides, your bench must all be from the Yeoman side.

  • Please do not think that because you are listed in one side this is the side you are in for the season in real time, this was the easiest way to run the league and is purely based on where players played the majority of last season or, where new signings are involved, which manager handed in their signing on form. If the league is a success then next season players points this season will be taken into account and a player shall be given a value.

  • There will be a transfer window in October, December, February and April; the windows will run from the Sunday after last game of previous month to the first Friday of the transfer window month. During these windows you can make two changes to your Saturday side and one change to your bench of Yeoman players, you can also change your captain.

  • Points will be awarded for the following:

Player starts - 2 points
Player comes on as sub - 1 point
Goalkeeper clean sheet - 10 points
Defender clean sheet - 5 points
Midfielder clean sheet - 1 point
Goalkeeper and defender goal conceded (after first goal) - -1 point
Goalkeeper scores - 10 points
Defender scores - 5 points
Midfielder/striker scores - 4 points
Goalkeeper saves/or a penalty is missed against them - 3 points
Player misses penalty - -2 points
Player sent off - - 5 points
Player booked - - 2 points
Managers man of the match - 5 points
Top scoring player of the month for Saturday and Sunday each gain an additional 10 points

  • Your captain will earn double points, both positive and negative.

  • Only games for the Saturday sides will count towards the points total for your starting XI and only games for the Sunday side will count towards your subs total. All points will be added together to make up your squads total.

  • Any player who plays as a ringer (not that we do that anyway!!) will not be eligible for points in that game.

  • Teams must be completed and handed in the day before the first league game of the season (27th August 2013), the monthly fee of £5 must be in by the last day of the month, failure to do this may result in disqualification. The two games in August are free of charge.

  • All league and cup games will count towards the totals.

  • In the event of a tie for the monthly totals the money will be shared, if scores are level at the end of the season then the closest player to the tie breaker question will win, if the points remain level the winner shall be decided by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with International Board Procedures.

  • The overall league winner shall receive the cash prize of £100 and the O.W.S. Cup, the monthly highest points scorers will receive £40 and a MVM (Most Valuable Manager) trophy, even the loser won't go away empty handed, they will receive the wooden spoon trophy.

  • Games played in August are not charged but the monthly winner will receive £20 and a trophy.

  • If for any reason a month has no games played the monthly winners money will be added to the winners pot at the end of the season.

  • The top scoring Saturday player and top scoring Sunday player will also receive a trophy for their season of outstanding points scoring.

  • The decision of the organiser is final.


Fantasy Football Rules


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