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3. Links

There are a number of helpful website links listed below:
Children's charity with national 24-hour telephone helpline, founded in 1985. Offers children the opportunity to talk in confidence.
The FA website - the home of English football. Access the latest child protection information. You may wish to return to the home page and click on Kids for more general information.
Britain's largest children's charity and a prime mover in the development of child protection services for sport. They run a 24-hour telephone helpline. The NSPCC National Training Centre houses a staffed Child Protection in Sport Unit, with multiagency backing.
A website designed by young people for young people. With simple helpful tips for 5-7 year olds, 8-10 year olds and 11-16 year olds on how to stay safe online.
This charity website is designed for children and parents who are faced with dealing with bullying giving practical advice and guidance.
The government's website, which provides advice on the vetting of individuals who work with children and vulnerable adults.