The Thursday Testimony 3 of 4

3. December 2013

12th December 2013

This will be the final Thursday Testimony of 2013, but do not despair; we shall be back in the New Year for you. This week we have an interview with Worldie White as he prepares for the biggest game of his football career so far.

It has been a rollercoaster year for the club, starting with struggles on and off the pitch, but since then we have picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves down and we are now in a great position to push on. The Firsts are challenging at the top of the Senior League Premier Division, the Reserves are still challenging for four trophies, the A’s whilst struggling in the league have proved they can do it when they beat Premier Division title hopefuls Hailey in the cup, and the Yeoman are running away with UTVL Division 1. We are now not changing in a portakabin and have some fantastic facilities which will be of great use to help the club continue to grow.

So 2014 looks set to be an exciting year, it would be great to get some silverware on the Yeoman’s new trophy shelves. We will be looking to develop a youth side or two as well for the 2014/15 season, so if anyone would like to get involved, or knows anyone who would like to get involved, please let me know.

If you would like to see what has been going on at the club, we recently featured in an article in the Oxford Mail, check out the link below:

Last weekend saw the Firsts pick up a ‘smash and grab’ win at Oakley, it was the first time their opponents have lost in 41 games and it is a victory that has seen the Firsts creep up to within 5 points of the leaders. It was not such a good day for the Ressies, as they lost ground in the race for the title with a poor performance at Adderbury resulting in a 5-0 defeat. The A’s put in a better performance than recent weeks, but still couldn’t get that elusive first league win, as they went down 2-0 to Hailey. On Sunday the Yeoman made it 9 wins from 9 with a scrappy 1-0 win over AFC Valley. The title is now within touching distance – and we are only in December!!

Before we let you loose with our Worldy exclusive and give you a rundown of what is to come this weekend and beyond, just a reminder that if you are doing any Christmas shopping online to make sure you do it via this website, just look for the Cashback tab on the homepage or enter the address below:

So to the weekend ahead, the Firsts make club history by competing in the third round of the Oxfordshire Senior Cup for the first time – they make a trip to the ASM Stadium and the game kicks off at 3pm. The Reserves are also as far as they have been in the Oxfordshire Intermediate Cup, and they host Hook Norton Reserves, this game starts at 1.30pm. The Yeoman play their final match of the season on Sunday with a game against Iffley Harriers at home, a win would leave them needing just 3 more points to win the league when the season resumes after the winter break.

The following weekend will see the Firsts travel to Garsington and the A’s host Spartan Rangers. That night is also Christmas jumper night for the club.

Don’t forget the Annual Boxing Day game as well, will be looking to start the game around 10.30am and this is generally followed by a drink (or many more) in the Yeoman afterwards.

Now it is time for the man on everyone’s lips to take centre stage – Lewis White, it is over to you.

How will you prepare yourself for the Thame United game?

It will all start on Friday morning with a Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin, not the healthiest but it will see me through the day as I like to eat light before a big game so I'll just have pasta for dinner. I never eat before a game so that's all that I will be eating apart from a banana an hour before kick-off. Friday night will consist of sitting down the Yeo with a coke most likely, don't think it would go down well if I have a few schnufts.

Is this the biggest game of your career?

Yes! It's certainly the first time I've played at a stadium too, but I do feel like this is a game that I will be able to learn from as I will be playing against some good players. But they will have to be bloody good to knock down the wall at the back. I have every confidence we can do well on Saturday as the team has gelled so well and our record this season is excellent. But on the other hand I did play under Matthew Hardy in the Ridgeway Cup final last year so it is a close shout.

You have been billed as the next Simon Calley - is this a fair comparison?

Simon who? All I can say to answer this question is that it's the name "Lewis White" on all those trophies I won last season so we have to be different surely? Sorry to live in the past! But I would like to say that it is a pleasure to play with him as he and Neil Howe have taught me so much about being a defender as I came to the club as a natural striker so I didn't really know what I was doing at first.

A last minute winning goal or a crunching tackle – what do you prefer?

This is a toughie, but I'm going to say a last minute winning goal as I rarely get the chance to do it, but when it has to be done I'm your man #ScoreWhenIWant . Crunching tackles are good though I must admit but as a defender on Saturdays and Sunday's I get the chance to make a few keanes.

You often win supporters man of the match but never the Ben Sadler MOM, what is it like to be a fans (Andy’s) favorite but not one with the gaffer?

I like to think this is mostly to do with being the type of player that I am, I commit myself into challenges and show that I have commitment for the club and never get my head down when something goes wrong and give up all hope. As for never getting managers MOM that's unexplained? Maybe I set the bar to high for myself, maybe it's because I don't ask for it. Who knows? As long as the fans see it I'm happy.

Since joining the club you swept up many awards last season and have acquired the nicknames ‘Worldie White’ and Captain, Leader, Legend – how have you settled into the club so quickly and so well?

It's mostly to do with the people at the club really. I take a long time to get my confidence with new people but at Freeland I felt so welcomed into the team which is something that didn't happen at my old club. Every one speaks to each other no matter how old or young which is what I love. The team sprit at Freeland is excellent and it is so well organised which is down to the few really committed people that do all the background work for the club. I just let the stuff on the pitch earn me those nicknames. As for the awards last season, I don't really know where they came from but I was chuffed to be recognised by people at the club for the stuff I do on the pitch.

What do you hope to achieve with Freeland Football Club?

I believe Freeland Football Club has such a bright future now we have it all from the brand new changing rooms to the Freeland bobble hats and tracksuits that we turn up in. We just need to keep playing the way we are and we will win trophies without a doubt. The things I would like to achieve at Freeland are to win the league with the firsts and do the triple with the yeoman. As a player, my ambition has always been to one day being paid to play.

If you were in the heart of a four man defence from footballers past and present who would you like in the back four with you?

First of all I would have to pull Roy Keane in to the defensive roll to make a few tackles. Jamie Carragher would control the line. Then me obviously; to win some headers and tackles. Then Martin Skrtel would be in to do the dirty work.

Tom Gerken made the Goals & Holes Playlist a couple of weeks ago, what top ten bangin’ tunes would go on Worldie White’s pregame playlist?

As club DJ there is a lot of pressure here, but I would go in with these heavy tracks and drop some bombs whilst playing them.

1. Ultrabeat - Pretty Green Eyes
2. Olive - You're Not Alone
3. NTrance - Set You Free
4. Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar
5. Tiesto - Adagio Strings
6. Underworld - Born Slippy
7. Darude - Sandstorm
8. Robert Miles - Children
9. DJ Luck & MC Neat - Little Bit Of Luck
10. La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Remix)

Give them bangers a listen!!

What is the Lewis White football philosophy?

I believe every player should put their neck on the line for the team you play for, if it means sticking your head in front of some ones boot so be it. Every player has to believe they can always become a better player with the right training. Don't be selfish and remember at a club there are many of players, the good the bad and the ugly. The so called good players should never look down on the players with less ability.

Who are your three dream dinner guests?

Steven Gerrard - purely because he is a legend of football
Chelsea Fergo - FIT and great banter
DJ Juicy M - Massive DJ and she don't look too bad

Which person in football do you admire the most?

Steven Gerrard without a doubt. He has great commitment to the club he plays for and is one of few players in the England squad that wants to play for his country for all the right reasons. He is also a Captain, Leader, Legend as well so I can look up to him as well as take some tips off him.

Any other business?

I hope to see some good support this Saturday as we deserve it as this is one of the best seasons yet and I believe there will be some good football played. Special mention to the Furlon Group for their continued support and sponsorship. YEO! #OneLove x

Don't forget to Tweet @Freeland_FC using #Testimony and let us know anything or anyone you would like covered in this weekly article. Good luck to all the sides this weekend.

Everyone have a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!! We shall see you again in 2014!!

One love!

The Thursday Testimony Team

25th December 2013

This is Gerken Goals reporting to you all for this festive edition of the testimony.

The Christmas special has arrived and who better to interview than the man who loves Freeland, the Yeoman, beers, flicking and serious dancing to 80’s music!!! It’s of course wing wizardry!!

But first a round up of weekends action from the club. This Saturday Freeland first team manager and lover of facial hair Ben Sadler was given a very early Christmas present as his team romped home away to Garsington 9-0, goals coming from Chris Gilkes (4) who is now on 10 for the season, Daniel Sadler (2), Tom Foley (2) and Danny Taylor.

Freeland A produced their finest performance of the season by beating Spartan Rangers 2-1 with 10 men and winning their first league game of the season!!! The newest cockney geezer Robert Panting looked thrilled as Sam Symonds (SS1) netted from the spot and Scott Greening completed the win with 5 minutes to go! With this a new supporters group was born - The Freeland A supporter dons!!!

Now it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, it’s time to interview the man who we all know as wing wizardry!!!

So what’s it like to be the Freeland FC Chairman?

An honour, simple as. Love the club, and hope that I can make a difference to it now and in the future. It is a tough act to follow Steve O’Hara, but if I can do half the job he did then we are well on our way to continued greatness.

What do you want to achieve as chairman and for Freeland FC in the future?

I want all of the sides (and maybe even more) to get to the highest level they possibly can. I would love to see the club move into the Hellenic League, have a good youth set up, but most importantly keep up the banter throughout, it is what separates us from the rest.

This season I would like, no I demand, some silverware to be shown off in the Yeoman, and I think all of our sides are capable of notching something.

As well as being Chairman you are one half of the management duo of the Reserves with Simon Hole, how has the season gone so far?

Fairly well I would say. Have been a bit erratic at times, but now we have Perkin dominating in the centre of the park and our lone ranger up top we have looked good. Win all our remaining games and we will win the league, tall order, but we are more than capable of doing it with the players we have. I also truly believe a bit of Lessons in Goals in my car each week is the key to success.

Me and Si haven’t rested on our laurels though, and we are already making some steady progress in the transfer window to improve us even more. There are three trophies still up for grabs and I think we have a great chance at challenging for them all, bring it on!

You’ve had Ridgeway Cup success with Freeland Yeoman, what other success have you had and what’s your biggest achievement at the club?

It would take a lot to beat the Ridgeway Schnuft success, it was a great day and night, and I keep my fingers crossed for more of the same this season. Being a general lower level flat track bully, I haven’t had that much silverware in the cabinet, so I would say my biggest achievement at the club would be taking over the Yeoman when they were down and out and setting up the foundations to make them what they are today. My biggest reward is still loving hitting the dance floor with the best group of blokes ever.

We have a lot of sayings and hand signals at the club which is your favourite and why?

I have ‘zero’ idea or ‘currently care’ about half the things that are said around the club, but if I were to have a ‘schnuft’ on one it would have to be CHEERS CHEERS. Just because it is always so great to say really, RTB has turned it into a village phenomenon. If I could also pick a hand signal, there is only one really, let’s all do the Phil Panting. Trevor needs to ensure that picture gets back on the Yeoman walls ASAP. One love!

You once went out to lava 4 nights in a row and wore some very different outfits like the currently caring caped crusader cape, the Freeland polo and a full suit, are there anymore innervations you will be wearing to town?

I have been known for my unbelievable dress sense, I can go casual and don the Kappa trainers, I can go smart and rock out in my TU shirts offset with my shoes from Jamie’s wedding – I have an outfit for all occasions. I have also got another Doctor Who t-shirt which has yet to sample the delights of Lava, and obviously the Dalek will be coming out to play early January.

What is your favourite ever goal that you have scored?

Ohhh toughie, the left foot bender to get Freeland promoted many, many years ago would be one of my highlights, but seeing as my Frank Lampard-esque scoring has deserted me the past few years I would have to say my thunderbolt at AFC Valley was up there, I think it surprised a few people as well which was nice.

As a manager what is your 3 biggest signing for the club to date?

No side is complete without a goal scorer, so one of them has to be Tom Gerken (I assume that is why this question has been asked). I don’t care he doesn’t move as long as he keeps hitting the onion bag – goals win games!! I would say getting Jamie Perkin playing football when I was managing the A’s was a good move on my behalf as well, he was a rampaging winger for a season, then went in goal for the Firsts and helped them gain back to back promotions, and then scored the winning goal for the Ressies in the Clarendon Cup final, he has made a massive impact, and my Saturdays are always improved when I see that weird kid. Finally, and with a little help from B Team Scout Harry Irwin I would say James Turner – hopefully he will get back to playing Saturdays again, but he is a great little player and has a tidy sister – actually, all of those signings have some decent siblings.

Gerken Goals and Worldie White have given their legendary play lists, what top ten beauties would you pick?

Massive decision to make here, I will not interfere with the Care & Goals and Banger playlists, so this would be what I would go for:

1. Toxic Rhythm – Britney Vs. Cutback
2. Tarantula - Pendulum
3. You & Me – Uniting Nations
4. Modern Love – David Bowie
5. High – Lighthouse Family
6. Sweet Talkin’ Woman - ELO
7. Runaway - Real McCoy
8. Luvstruck – Southside Spinners
9. I Want It That Way – Backstreet Boys
10. Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears For Fears

What do you prefer – goals, holes or beers?

Goals and holes are something that don’t come naturally to me, so bagging those does generally make my week. Saying that, you cannot beat the Friday Night Pint Club (a beer with Sodders and Gerks tastes all the more sweeter) so I am going to say beers (and a 10 pack of Royals).

What is the wing wizardry football philosophy?

I love my team to have a ball playing centre half with a brute alongside him, some dynamic full backs who aren’t afraid to bomb on, two wingers who get everyone off their seats, and a poacher up top. If the centre of the park can be packed with dominating strikers as well that would be the way I would go.

Who are your three dream dinner guests?

Cristiano Ronaldo – absolute hero, best player in the World and all round machine.

Jennifer Aniston - Jen has to be the greatest woman to ever walk this earth, after a few glasses of red I would get the dancing out for her.

Matt Smith – it had to be The Doctor, I am gonna miss this man, today is going to be an emotional one in the Hardy household.

Which person in football do you admire the most?

I would have to say Sir Bobby Robson, forgetful old boy but a true gentleman, even when everything was against him, and he wasn’t a bad gaffer either.

Any other business?

Just like to say Merry Christmas to everyone, and here’s to a successful 2014!! See you all on Boxing Day! Live the Freeland dream!!