The Thursday Testimony 4 of 4

4. January 2014

9th January 2014

Happy New Year to you all and welcome back to The Thursday Testimony. This week we interview a burly number 9 and question him on his relationship, his driving skills and his flick ons.

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day - at the end of the season if at all possible.

The weather has finally affected the season, with the Firsts, Ressies and A’s all being hit last weekend, unfortunately for the Yeoman this was not the case for them and they were thumped 8-1 away at AFC Valley to completely open up the title race. Are Ethan Simlett’s men feeling the heat? Can they bounce back? Will TG and DT ever net again?

This weekend, weather permitting, sees the Firsts host Chalgrove, the Ressies make the trip across the A40 to Eynsham and the A’s make the short journey down the road to North Leigh. The Yeoman will look to get back to winning ways in the Hedley Toms Trophy when they take on Iffley in their own back yard.

Now it is time to see what makes the flicks tick with our EXCLUSIVE interview with the man who puts the Yeeeaaaaa Booooiiiiii in three, Marc (with a C) Buckingham.

The first question has to be about the flick, how do you flick the perfect header on?

Well I have found being tall and having a lot of upper body strength a major benefit in playing the big No9 role, but it’s all about the timing of the jump, I execute it perfectly every time. It also helps when you have those Allmond and Taylor players around you who can read the flick.

Many people have questioned your goal return up top, what have you got to say to your critics?

I would say I’m more of a creator of chances, but can defiantly pop up with an important goal when needed.

What do you hope to achieve in your Freeland career?

Me? I am happy to just help out any side when they are short. There is always that dream of a World Cup call up though.

What is your biggest achievement in football to date?

It has to be being part of the team that won the Ridgeway Cup last season, although my hat trick against North Leigh comes very close.

The Yeo Trio was feared throughout the Upper Thames Valley area last season, but if Danny and Conor were to get injured and you could spearhead an attack with any two footballers, past or present, who would they be?

Paul Salter – Maybe a touch out of form, but a great eye for goal with a powerful strike which has broken many nets in his back garden.

Ethan Simlett – My old strike partner for Freeland B and a great one at that. Scored goals for fun back in the day.

We have had Brangelina and Jedward and now we have Bimlett, what is it like being in such a high profile relationship?

It is fantastic. What more can I say? I have always wanted the Posh & Becks lifestyle.

Do you have any slushy comment to make to Erin whilst you are here, you seem to do it a lot on Twitter after all?

No no!! I get far too much abuse already. I will stick to soppy tweeting!!

What is it like to be a many of many sayings? What is your favorite Bucky saying?

It's nice seeing mates use them religiously and for that reason I would have to say “Yeaaboii”!!

Sunday snuggles, a Buckingham Roast or a flick on? What do you prefer?

As much as I love Sunday snuggles and a flick on, nothing quite beats a Buckingham Roast!

What is the best route to take a stolen car from the playing field to your house?

Well it all depends on roadblocks, but I am a man who does love a good cruise listening to tunes so I would go for the “long way round” Pigeon House Lane route.

What is the Bucky football philosophy?

Win, lose or draw you come off the pitch with a smile on your face knowing you tried your hardest.

Who are your three dream dinner guests?

The Rock – Been a role model for many years. He hates the gym too

Mila Kunis – The perfect woman (Besides Erin of course)

Dawn French – Incredibly funny and if I’m lucky she may bring me a Terrys Choc Orange

Which person in football do you admire the most?

Liverpool fan so it would be Steven Gerrard for his leadership qualities and the major role he played to win the Champions League in 2005.

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One love!

The Thursday Testimony Team