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Player Intervew - Tom Hever

Player Intervew - Tom Hever

Glebe Website19 Jul 2023 - 06:51
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The Tom Hever Interview – One of Our Own

Tom isn't one for talking too much but Ollie Kemp managed to have a chat at Pre Season Training

Ahead of the upcoming season I spoke with one of Glebe’s very own Tom Hever who delivered an insightful interview on his journey through the club and how he rose up through the ranks.
A dedicated character in the dressing room and someone who wasted no time in getting back to work. The industrious midfielder returned to the Foxbury Avenue earlier than expected to complete a few private training sessions with the coaching staff to ensure he was ready for the gruelling pre-season that the coaches had in place for the squad.
Tom spoke passionately about his feelings towards the new season insisting that ‘’everyone is feeling very positive about it, especially because of the good end to last season and the new signings that have been made which will further increase morale in the changing room and bring healthy competition to allow the team to kick back on from last season’’. The midfield technician revealed the squad’s hopes for the season which included ‘’a good cup run and fighting for promotion and the play offs’’.
Hever opened up on his journey through the club right from youth level all the way to the first team where he also reached the ‘100 game mark’, an accomplishment that anyone would be proud of. The long servant of the club has not had an easy road though however after suffering a big injury that kept him out for an entire season, but he didn’t give up and battled back to where he is now.
Tom’s attitude and application is one of the best in the squad and he is someone who thrives when faced with a tough environment where people are pushed past their limits. His will to never give up and high work rate makes him a key member of this team and he is certainly appreciated by first team coach Danny Oakins who described him as someone who ‘’bleeds Glebe’’.
The midfield general, who knows better than anyone else on what it takes to break into the first team, also offered up his advice to the younger players within the club stating that ‘’You shouldn’t be scared to take your chance and make the best of the opportunity you have been given. Everyone around the club is here to support you and help you in your progression so just be confident and play how you would normally play’’.
Hever again reiterated how the club has been incredibly supportive during his time here, in particular the new coaching staff and how they have brought ‘’a very positive vibe with them’’, increasing the overall atmosphere around the place and feel-good factor thanks to the little changes they have made. ‘’The togetherness and morale within the squad has also never been better and everyone wants to be here and be on this journey together’’ Tom said.

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