Considerations For Opening The GNE Bar

Considerations For Opening The GNE Bar

By Chris Haughton
10 July 2020
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Glossop North End seek additional help, support & assistance in potentially re-opening our bar area in the near future.

Recent changes in UK government advice and legislation regarding the opening of bars and restaurants has meant that the GNE board of directors have been in a position to evaluate the possibilities of opening the club's bar in detail.

Whilst directors, volunteers and supporters alike would all mutually agree that opening the bar would be beneficial for a good get together after an arduous lockdown period, current protocols and procedure’s mean that we cannot simply open the doors and carry on as previous. There would be a lot of hard work required in terms of implementation of any new procedures that are required and bodies to help run the bar if and when we can get up and running. We therefore require assistance from anyone who is willing to help with the below tasks in cooperation with the board of directors:

- Full deep clean of the clubhouse including all surfaces, rooms and equipment
- Subsequent creation of a periodic cleaning procedure thereafter, identifying and taking into account frequently touched surfaces such as tables and door handles etc. Cleaners would be required for every minute of opening hours, along with bar staff.
- Installation of appropriate floor marking and / or directional aids to enact distancing throughout the venue. Along with setting up of tables in a suitable arrangement.
- Supervise in the provision of adequate hand sanitiser around the clubhouse and arrange regular checks and replenishment as required (along with sanitiser, soap and paper-towels).
- Produce a COVID risk assessment to help manage risks, decide on safe working practices and protect visitors to the GNE clubhouse for bar openings.
- Help with the creation, supervision and running of an electronic booking service for visitors, enabling visitors to pre-book time slots for their visit, and to keep numbers inside the clubhouse to manageable levels to enact safe distancing.
- Assist in the creation of a temporary club data retention policy, whereby visitors information and contact details shall be stored securely for 3 weeks and given to track & trace if required
- Help ensure staff receive clear instructions on new protocols and understand the importance of carrying out good hygiene.
- Meet and greet of visitors upon arrival at the venue, and placing visitors at tables
- Staff to help introduce a waiter / waitress service where orders are taken from customer tables only – not from the bar.
- Ensure a policy is adhered do whereby only one person can be present in either Female / Male / disabled toilet facilities.

The above would be required in either case, as these same procedures will have to be enacted prior to the commencement of football again.

For those interested in volunteering in helping out for the following roles in conjunction with the board of directors, please leave a comment on both the Facebook, Twitter and message-board threads or contact the board on the usual email address,

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