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End of Season Awards 2021/22

End of Season Awards 2021/22

By Peter Gledhill
14 May
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Now is the time to vote for the two main club awards.

Voting is open to anyone who has been involved in our Saturday matches this season in any capacity.

Both awards require you to vote for your top 3: your 1st nomination gets 10 points, 2nd gets 5 points and 3rd gets 3 points (and you can't vote for yourself!). The player with the most points in that category wins the award, to be presented at the end of season do on Saturday 21st May.

Please see below for more details on PPOTS and Clubman and let me have your votes by the end of Thursday 19th March. Please text/dm your votes in rather than posting on our group: we'll aim to keep an element of 'secret ballot' to this. Many thanks.

In addition to this, if you have any nominations for any other awards that you think we should be giving out (serious or less serious!) please pass these through to me as well.

Players' Player of the Season
Fairly self explanatory: the club's best player this season! Not most improved, simply the player who has been the most impressive and is more responsible than most for helping Gold Hill play well and gain positive results. Apart from just ability you may want to consider aspects like influence and leadership.

Recent previous winners include:

17/18 Stuart Laws
18/19 James Clarke
20/21 Ryan McDonald
(no awards in 19/20 as our season was curtailed early due to covid-19)
(full list of winners here)

If you need some data to aid your decision then why not take a look through the club website to remind yourself of our games this season:

Player stats on our website

This award is for an unsung hero of our season. For them there is no 'i' in team, they are selfless rather than selfish. They might give of their time and effort to help run the club - or be especially committed/enthusiastic in their attendance/participation. Perhaps they help encourage and motivate others and play a role in the Gold Hill team spirit. In my opinion I don't think the manager should be eligible for this one as the involvement is part of the job description, so please don't vote for me here or that vote won't be counted!
Recent previous winners include:

17/18 Ben Donovan
18/19 Rob Sallis
20/21 George Baker

As this award seeks to reward commitment to the club, which can easily go unseen or unnoticed, here are a few ideas of contributions that you may wish to consider (but of course that doesn't mean you can't vote for anyone else ... this is not a shortlist to choose from, just some ideas):

George Baker, Josh Matovu, Vinnie O'Hara and Nick Webber clocked up the most match appearances for us in the 21/22 season.
Charley Humphries, Vinnie O'Hara and Nick Webber have been the most committed in their training attendance this season.
George Baker has again carried out the vital role of keeping tabs on people's finances for us.
Rich Butler, Luke McQueen, Edoardo Lenti and Dan O'Connor have probably travelled the furthest out of everyone to play for us this season.
And many others have contributed so much to our club so thank you all for being involved this season!
I look forward to receiving your votes!


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