Important Supporter Information - GSPFC vs Rocester

Important Supporter Information - GSPFC vs Rocester

By Charlie McCluskey
23 August 2020
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If you plan to attend Tuesday's game please read below to know what to expect and make our volunteer's jobs easier.

Graham Street Prims host Rocester F.C. in a friendly match at the Fred Harding Ground this coming Tuesday at a 19:45 kick-off. This will be an exciting occasion as it will be the first time supporters have been allowed inside the stadium in over 5 months.

This weekend has seen many of our volunteers, players and management put in hours of work to make sure that we have met the FA's requirements to allow us to open back up to the fans. Several key changes have been made from how you'll have watched Prims in the past and we hope that you'll make our lives easier by familiarising yourselves with them before you attend.

Test and trace will be in operation before you enter the ground. This is non-negotiable and refusal to give your details will unfortunately mean we cannot allow you to enter.
Small groups attending together, such as families, only need to leave details for one of the group. Your details will be kept securely for 21 days then deleted.

2 metre markers have been sprayed on the ground as you approach the payment kiosk. Please observe these if there is a small queue upon entry.

At the kiosk we will have hand sanitiser available; for the safety of yourself and others, please take advantage of this.

As we've missed having you all at the games we have decide not to set fees but will operate a 'pay what you like' scheme.

Seating capacity has been vastly reduced to maintain appropriate social distancing - please leave seats available for those who require them.

Standing areas around the pitch have been marked with 'footprints' spray painted on the ground. These are 2 metres apart and designed so that people are adequately distanced. Families may stand together, but please be respectful and ensure you leave enough room to the next group or person. For example, this may mean a family of 4 take up two footprints then leave the required space.

Some areas are now designated 'no standing' areas. This includes the area in front of seating like before, but also some new areas designed to avoid areas of congestion, such as the corner of the pitch nearest to the toilets and entrance, plus behind the dugouts and technical areas and in-front of the 'bus shelter' stand.

Toilets have a reduced capacity; if they are full please wait outside allowing others space to exit before entering.

Unfortunately the Harvey-Toon Tea Bar will not be open to refreshments on Tuesday and will remain closed until we are happy we are dealing with everything as we should be. Feel free to bring your own drinks & snacks - bins will be provided for waste as normal.

Finally, we are strictly limited to a maximum capacity of 150 within the ground, although this is normally enough, please arrive with plenty of time to spare to guarantee entry.

Thanks for taking the time to digest all this information and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday night whether you're a Prim, Roman or curious neutral!


COVID-19 Ready Plan

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