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Tour to Hamburg
Tour to Hamburg 1 of 2

1. Tour to Hamburg

The Hamburg Exiles always give a warm welcome to touring sides, teams from the Armed Forces in Germany and vessels calling port.

We can help you with information about accommodation and what to do in Hamburg.

Hamburg has much to offer for a tour team. Beside the fun on the pitch, there is the famous party area, the red light district “Reeperbahn”/”Kiez”, or a bit more “alternative” the “Schanzenviertel”.

From typical Hamburg down to earth pubs like “Rattenkeller”, “Silbersack” or the “Ritze” –A boxing Pub with a professional boxing ring in the cellar, where most of the famous German boxers trained (a few times..), like Eckhard Dagge, Henry Maske, Graciano Rocchigiani or Dariusz Michalczewski.

Max Schmeling said about it: “In my times they trained in the woods, today they train in a whorehouse“. The “Ritze” is entered through a door adorned with the painting of a spreadeagled woman ….

To jazz and Soul clubs like “Angie`s Nightclub” or house music in the “IndoChine“ or the “China Lounge”.

Lots of party locations, like the “La Paloma”, the “Albers Eck” and many more.

Table dance clubs like the “Doll House” or more traditional “Susis Bar”. Men dressed like women? The “Pulverfass”! Even live sex on stage is possible: “Safari”.

All this side by side with cocktail bars and theaters makes the Reeperbahn unique.

Not to forget: No curfew in Hamburg!

And even when the bars begin to close in the early hours of Sunday morning you can change over to the “Fischmarkt” (fish market) at the river front, live music till 10 o´clock in the morning and even longer…

More time and cultural interests? The Harbour, the Rathaus (Town hall), the Alster, a lake ( really it´s a river, but who cares…) in the middle of the town, musicals, theatres, opera or ballet?

Whatever you looking for, you´ll have a great time in Hamburg!"