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Exiles announce potential “spielgemeinschaft” with HSV Rugby

Exiles announce potential “spielgemeinschaft” with HSV Rugby

By Tjark Bikker
13 July 2018
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The Exiles committee is currently in advanced discussions with representatives from HSV Rugby with regards to combining our player base.

The partnership, which will be done initially on a trial basis will boost the player base for both sides and enable a strong contention for the Regionliga as well as the potential for entering a second team into the verbandsliga.

The details are still in discussion at this stage, but watch this space for more updates. In the meantime, here’s the answers to some of the initial questions that have been raised.

Q – What league will we play in?
A – We will continue to prioritise our position in the Regional Liga. However, as we feel we will have a much larger player base, it is our intention to also enter a joint HSV / Exiles team in the Verbandsliga

Q - What will the team be called?
A - At this stage we are only doing a “gemeinschaft” with the two teams so we won’t be renaming anything. We will still as the Hamburg Exiles RFC and they will stay as HSV Rugby. It’s likely that we will show in the fixtures list simply as Hamburg Exiles / HSV rugby.

Q – Will training days change?
A – Yes and No! We will continue to train on Wednesdays and Fridays. The only difference will be that we now also have an option for Training on Mondays with the HSV players. The big bonus is that all training sessions will now be done at Saarlandstrasse.

Q – Will we change the coach?
A – No! With the increase in player numbers there will be a need to keep both Exiles and HSV coaching staff on board. We haven’t quite decided how the dynamic will actually work in training and on game days but we are working together on this and expect it will evolve as we all get to know each other.

Q – Whose kit will we play in?
A – Exiles were planning to buy a new kit for the coming season and this will remain the case. The only difference now is that the new kit will have a HSV “Flavour” (It will still be predominantly exiles colour and with our team crest though.

Q – Who will pay for everything?
A – All team operation costs will be split 50/50 by both clubs

Q – What if it doesn’t work?
A – At this stage we are purely trying out a partnership. Both teams will continue to operate as separate entities. If things don’t work out for whatever

If you have any further questions then feel free to comment below or get in touch with one of the committee members.

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