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SG Exiles/HSV - Match centre

Hamburg Exiles Rugby F.C.
Welfen Braunschweig
Sat 30 Mar 14:00 - League Full time

SG Exiles/HSV beat Welfen Braunschweig


An exiles victory for the first match of the "Rückrunde"


Exiles/HSV turned up with a strong squad to take on Welfen Braunschweig in Hamburg on Saturday.
It was a warm day, the pitch was in great condition and the Exiles/HSV arrived highly motivated.
After using up 10 roles of tape and having a good warm up, they were ready to begin. Quick mention
to Florian Fischer who had to give up his position in the starting 15 due to an old injury that flared up
during the warm up. Elyan Bissing replaced him and started out on the wing.

First Half

The Exiles/HSV kicked off and the game began with both sides exchanging attacks and trying to
establish their rhythm.
Ian Theophilus and Florian Teatiu controlled the game nicely using kicks to find space behind the
defensive line. Eventually this resulted in a line out to W.B. and both teams lined up. Maxime Miget
jumped first in the Exiles/HSV line and was able to turn over the ball (as became his habit during the
game) in the air to give the Exiles/HSV the ball.
At this point, the Exiles/HSV really started to put the pressure on consistently, with the forwards
taking the ball up with purpose and Ian being able to get the ball out to the backs who used the
space and ran well.
However, a strong W.B. defence prevented the Exiles/HSV from converting opportunities early in the
game where play was taking place mostly in the W.B. half. The Exiles/HSV were able to secure
themselves a line out and this initiated the passage of play that led to the Exiles/HSV’ first try.
Bennet Oltmanns took the ball forward through W.B’s defence taking a number of their players with
him across the line to score! A conversion from Olivier Chierotti sealed 7 points for the Exiles/HSV.
The hard work was starting to pay off, the Exiles/HSV were starting to find their rhythm.
W.B. restarted but it went straight into touch. The Exiles/HSV decided to take the scrum from the
middle of the field. The game began again. W.B took the initiative and with great motivation were
able to score. From a well-formed maul close to the Exiles/HSV try line, W.B took the ball down the
blind side where there was a large gap in the Exiles/HSV defence and ran the ball in. A conversion
from their kicker brought the score to 7:7.
The Exiles/HSV began to establish themselves as the dominant side both in attack and defence. Solid
tackling and counter rucking, from both the backs and forwards, stopped W.B from gaining
momentum. Ian and Flo took many opportunities to kick to find space behind the W.B. line. The
coordination of the chase could have been better by the Exiles as a whole. Something to work on!
Having said that, a chip and chase from Ian put a great deal of pressure on the W.B backs who kicked
the ball out of the back of the field securing the Exiles/HSV a 5-meter scrum. With their hands on the
ball once more, Bennet was able to take the ball over for the second time! Unable to convert the try,
the Exiles/HSV nudged ahead with the score 12:7.
W.B restarted once more and put pressure on from the go. The Exiles/HSV were able to keep the ball
under control and turn that into momentum going forwards. Eventually this led to the Exiles being
able to play the ball wide through the hands. Having secured a penalty, Olivier made an ambitious
attempt to gain 3 points but was unable to convert it. The score remained 12:7.

The Exiles/HSV appeared to be falling in and out of their stride at this point, failing to convert
chances created. W.B also seemed to suffer from this as well. There were some moments of good
phase play but both sides were unable to gain a significant advantage over the other. The first half
ground to a halt under the baking sun. It was a hot day and the lads on both sides were happy to get
some water and take a quick breather.

Second Half

W.B kicked-off for the second half and were immediately put under pressure from the Exiles/HSV.
Flo continued to control the flow of the game, communicating with Ian and the forward pack. The
forwards made some hard yards and the ball was spread wide through the hands reaching Elyan
Bissing who was flying down the wing. With some good footwork and slight alteration in direction,
Elyan took the ball in for his first try for the Exiles/HSV. The try was not converted but the Exiles/HSV
now had a good lead at 17:7.
Once more, the Exiles/HSV piled on the pressure and Ian cut through his opposite man in a great
solo effort to bring the score up to 22:7. A second successful conversion by Olivier brought the score
up to 24:7.
During the course of the last 30 minutes, Lennart Gizik, Niki Grandt and Thore Bekker were brought
onto the pitch to replace Christian Balzer, Tom Otto and Janosh Razani (head injury) respectively.
They had big shoes to fill and they played accordingly. W.B. started to look increasingly dangerous
and the Exiles/HSV had to put in a huge defensive shift. W.B. moved the ball well and put the
Exiles/HSV under increasing pressure resulting in two converted tries bringing the score to 24:21.
The Exiles/HSV let their foot off the gas and a determined opposition were punishing them for it.
Unwilling to let this settle with only several minutes left in the game, the Exiles/HSV kicked-off again
and once more pushed W.B. back into their corner for an Exiles/HSV lineout. The Exiles/HSV formed
a maul and drove over the line to give Olivier the opportunity to deliver 5 points with a try. Unable
to convert the try, the game came to an end with the score standing at 29:21. Each player had put in
a huge effort to take on the lads from W.B. and the hard work resulted in a victory.

Special Mentions

Special mentions go to Olivier for stepping up to take penalty kicks and conversions. Bennet for his
work rate both defensively and in attack. Maxime for a strong all-round performance but particularly
for frequently turning over the ball in line outs to provide the Exiles/HSV with extra chances.
Thanks to the referee and W.B. for a tough and physically demanding game of rugby and for coming
back with the Exiles/HSV boys for a night of beers, singing and games at the Saarlandstrasse Club


Man of the Match: Ian Theophilus
There were many contenders for this accolade. However, Ian used kicks to the advantage of the
team, was relentless in his tackling and he managed to get the ball over the line himself.

Dick of the day: Florian Teatiu
He earned this honour for one VERY questionable pass on our try line  – otherwise he had a top
game, controlled the backs well and put players into space despite his reasonably early hand injury.
Well played.

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Team selection

Razani, Janosch Razani, Janosch
Otto, Tom Otto, Tom
Belusic, Bastian Belusic, Bastian
Fischer, Florian Fischer, Florian
Haertel, Lennart Haertel, Lennart
Teatiu, Florian Teatiu, Florian
Theolopodus, Ian Theolopodus, Ian
Chierotti, Olivier Chierotti, Olivier
Miget, Maxime Miget, Maxime
Oltmanns, Bennet Oltmanns, Bennet
Balzer, Christian Balzer, Christian
Fleer, Daniel Fleer, Daniel
Bikker, Tjark Bikker, Tjark
Mandel, Sascha Mandel, Sascha
Schüler, Max Schüler, Max


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