Club Development

Hampshire RFU Club Development

Club Development Chairman - Mark Castle

Club development across the County has a number of Strands

• Development and support of Club Coaches
• Development and support of Club Referees
• Development of Club and County Volunteers
• Development and support of effective and efficient Club Management practices
• Development and support of Club Financial matters

The County aim to develop each of these strands so that our Clubs have the best skills and practices that can deliver a quality rugby experience whether training or playing.

The County will publish and provide Coaching Courses throughout the season that will offer a varied and high quality set of Coach training sessions. They will be based at locations around the County so that each Club/College and school.

The HRR - Hampshire Rugby Referees will publish and provide access to Refereeing Courses throughout the season. These will also be based around the County to minimise travel time.

The County will provide support to Clubs that need to recruit Volunteers and provide access to RFU courses that fit their needs.

The County will also build and operate an ongoing recruitment programme for recruitment of County Volunteers to establish a succession plan for each County Committee.

We will make better use of the County Voluntary organisations and also increase the level of interaction with the Hampshire County Sports Partnership forming a stronger relationship

The County will encourage all Clubs to become RFU Accredited.

This will be achieved by the RFU Club Developer working closely with the Management teams in the Clubs and in doing so help create and document an efficient and effective set of Club Management processes.

Tim Holmes RFU Club & Volunteer Support Manager Mobile 07764 960408

Nicola McCombe RFU Club Developer Mobile 07850 611057

The RFU Club Developer will be requesting Club 'Health Checks', after accreditation is complete, to ensure the Management processes are operating as they should be.

The County will require each Club to submit a set of audited accounts on an annual basis, demonstrating good financial control.