Chairman: Nigel Morgan – 07804 495496

Secretary: David Creal – 07720 810213

Procedures for Club Secretaries

All disciplinary procedures can be found here - RFU Regulation 19 found in the RFU Handbook -

A player is banned immediately upon being sent off and cannot play again until the matter is dealt with by a County discipline panel.

Red Card Notification

If a player or any other person from your club is ‘ordered off ‘you must within 48 hours inform the disciplinary secretary or chairman by email confirming-

- The date of the fixture

- The location of the fixture

- The teams in the match

- The player’s name

You will not be sent a copy of the referee’s report until you have notified either of the above two officials.

A County hearing will be required for a not guilty plea, cases of referee abuse, and where a serious injury has occurred. This will be arranged as soon as possible and therefore early notification of the intent is recommended.


Citings must be made within 14 days of the event. Procedures are set out in RFU Regulation 19 (Appendix 4). It is advisable to contact the Hampshire Discipline Secretary as soon as possible if you anticipate making a citing.

Disciplinary Fixed Penalties

Basic Fixed Penalty (applicable to all guilty cases) £30
Failure to report a Sending off £30
Failure to return a Plea Form within 14 days £30
Failure to return a Plea Form within 28 days £60

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