HRFU Clubs Facilities Development

HRFU have a facilities team made up of RFU professionals and County Volunteers.

Club Development Chairman - Mark Castle

We are organised such that we can offer full coverage across the County.

The HRFU Facilities Team meets 4 times a year to review all of the Hampshire Clubs and agrees an action plan that is then communicated and executed at the appropriate level.

We aim to help all of our Clubs achieve the best possible Facilities environment that they can offer to their Club Members.

We have a RFU Facility Development Manager and a RFU Facility Development Executive with our County Volunteer Team to assess and prioritise our Club's needs.

This can only be achieved if we are all aware of what Facilities needs your Club has.

We would recommend that all Facilities Plans & Projects are documented your Clubs Development Plan and are communicated to your local RFU Club Developer, RFU Clubs Facilities Executive and to the County.

We can then work with you to help develop your Facilities needs into a workable plan.

There are a number of funding avenues that can be explored, once plans have been developed and costed.

Click Here for Club Development Fund Application Form

Note: Please make every effort to engage with your RFU Club Developer, RFU Facility Development Executive and your local HRFU Club Facilities Representative at the earliest opportunity, when your Club is considering a Facilities project.

Rick Bruin RFU Facility Development Manager
rickbruin@rfu.com Mobile 07738 029211

Kieran Spencer RFU Facility Development Executive
kieranspencer@rfu.com Mobile 07912 541462

Nicola McCombe RFU Club Developer

The earlier we get on board the more support we can offer.