RFU Ticketing FAQs

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Tickets are for your personal use and must not, under any circumstances, be offered for re-sale. In applying for tickets you sign an agreement to abide by the England Rugby Terms & Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What International Ticket allocation does Hampshire Rugby Football Union receive from the RFU?

A. For the Six Nations home matches our allocation is modest, but has been fairly consistent year on year, with some variation between the more popular fixtures. The quantity of tickets is believed to be based on a number of factors, including the size of our membership.

The allocation for the Autumn Internationals is usually more generous.

Q. How many tickets can an Associate of HRFU expect to receive?

A. Associates can expect to receive at least one ticket for the Six Nations matches. Our policy is to ensure that all our fully paid up applicants get to attend one of the matches.

Requests to bring non-members will only be considered when all members have been allocated a ticket

Q. But I’d rather have a pair of tickets for just one of the matches!

A. Regrettably, there are not enough tickets to go around. One ticket per season is the norm.

Q. Applications have to be made months ahead of the games. When will I know if I have been successful?

A. We do not acknowledge ticket requests due to the volume but will respond to a read receipt if you use this.(Recommended)

Tickets are dispatched to us from the RFU about 3-4 weeks before the first of the respective set of matches, i.e. the end of October for the pre-Christmas Internationals and mid to late January for the Six Nations home matches. Allocations are then made. If you are unsuccessful with this allocation then your name is placed on a waiting list and should additional tickets become available you will be contacted.

Q. I don’t enjoy watching a match on my own. Why can’t I take a friend?

A. Every effort is made to allocate adjacent seats to Associates when this is requested on the application. If you have a partner or friend who is keen to visit Twickenham, why not enroll them as an Associate of HRFU?

Click here for an application form - Rag 21

Q. How do I get tickets for away matches?

A. Typically, we receive four, or sometimes only two tickets for each away match. We understand that less than 5000 places are allocated to England by the other Unions. For Dublin our tickets can often be for the Terraces rather than for the Stands. If you express an interest then your name will be held on file, but with no guarantee of a ticket for any venue.

Q. Can Hampshire arrange tickets for matches not involving England - Wales v Ireland for example?

A. This has never been possible. The RFU does not receive an allocation for these games.

Q. Are tickets available to referees?

A. HRR receives a separate allocation of tickets.

Q. Are there restrictions on the use of tickets?

A. HRFU have a policy to provide tickets only for the membership. A full list of ticket numbers is kept for scrutiny by the RFU if there is any suspicion that our allocation has ended up with touts or unauthorised commercial organisations. If this is proved then our applications can be refused for future seasons.

More info on tickets is at England Rugby