Hampshire Safeguarding Team
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1. Hampshire Safeguarding Team

The Team:

Constituent Body Safeguarding Manager (CBSM):
Sarah Whatmore

Deputy CBSM Inclusion and Policy:
Pip Smith

Deputy CBSM Audits:
Angela Horner

Safeguarding Assistants:
Chrissy Whittle
Dave Metcalfe
Matt Mitchell

The Safeguarding Manager will:

  • provide support and advice to CSO's to enable them to carry out their role within their clubs
  • support CSO's to ensure all RFU safeguarding criteria are met in their own club by use of the RFU Safeguarding Audit
  • ensure all clubs maintain an up to date Children's Workforce list listing all volunteers who work in regulated activity with children at their club
  • ensure all Youth Rugby Tours are appropriately organised and signed off by the CSO
  • ensure all players who are playing out of their own age grade are assessed and appropriate consents are in place
  • ensure that all allegations or incidents abuse, neglect, harm, discrimination and poor practice are be taken seriously and responded to swiftly, fairly and appropriately