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Paul's Chaplain's Corner

Paul's Chaplain's Corner

By Ryan Allen
5th April 2016
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From the Brentwood programme

Last weekend was the last “International Break” of the season. This meant for the clubs in the top 2 divisions there were no league fixtures. However, it was business as usual for the lower leagues.

Many, like ourselves, saw an increase in the numbers coming through the turnstiles, which brought in much needed extra revenue.

Not only were the turnstiles clicking more quickly, but the kitchen and bar were doing a brisk trade. Hopefully many who came for the first time on Monday, will return, having enjoyed the family friendly environment. The boys also produced the goods, especially in the 2nd half, and deservedly won 2-0.

For those football fans who usually visit much larger stadiums, paying a visit to a lower league club would have been a completely different experience. No scanning of tickets or jumbo screens, which draw you to watching them rather than following the action on the pitch, but the freedom to enjoy a pint while standing on the terraces are some of the obvious differences.

“A change is as good as a rest”, is a well known saying. I'm not sure if those players who were on International duty would agree or not!! They would be with a different group of players, many of whom they would of played against during the season, which might be a bit strange. There would be different training and coaching techniques, that some players might find stimulating, or not.

Although we can sometimes benefit from a change of routine in our working patterns, the one thing we all need from time to time is rest. In a month or so our players and coaching team will be able to plan their summer holidays, which they have richly deserved, after the great effort they have put in over the season.

Holidays and a rest from our normal routine are important to help us keep our batteries charged and cope with the stresses and strains of life. My wife and I have recently enjoyed a break in Lanzarote (I know, disgusting going away during the season) where we were able to relax and enjoy a different environment.

Rest has it's roots in the beginning of time. After God had finished His handy work He rested. Jesus, during His ministry would often take Himself to a quiet place to escape the crowds and rest. Many work places often talk about work, life balance, but many of us often find it hard to leave our work behind, especially now you can be in constant contact, through e-mails etc.

My advice to us all is – if God, who made us in His image, needed to rest, then so do we.

Paul Barker – Club Chaplain

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