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Sun 07
Kilburn Cosmos Ladies
Ladies 1st XV
H Bennett, F Gamble (2), M McNamara (2), A Foulkes
L Bonnet
3 wins from 3......The Ladies are Top of the Table!!!

3 wins from 3......The Ladies are Top of the Table!!!

By Samantha Shirley
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Haringey Ladies head to league pals Kilburn

The Rhinos headed to Gladstone Park on a clear October afternoon to go up against old friends, Kilburn Cosmos.
Rhinos received to start and made slow but steady progress up the pitch, allowing Back Hannah Bennett to put the first points of the day on the board, bursting through the Kilburn line on the left of the pitch once the Backs had gotten a hold of the ball. The next try came from Winger Fran Gamble who managed to ground the ball with her body to secure the try, then Molly McNamara who bulldozed with determination through the line and finished by Captain Aimee Foulkes who utilised a small gap in the Kilburn defence to run over the line and put the ball down between the posts, successfully converted by Full Back Louise Bonnet. 0-22.

The second half saw points for Kilburn after they utilised some of their strongest runners with good offloads. Molly McNamara and Fran Gamble both scored their second tries of the match in the second half with McNamara again blasting through defenders and Gamble making an impressive sprint from the Rhinos 22, side-stepping the Kilburn defenders to give her the initial momentum. Kilburn scored another try to finish with the same steady use of their stronger ball carriers but were denied their third which was held up in the closing seconds by the Rhinos. Final Score, Kilburn 12- Rhinos 32. Making this 3 wins from 3, and the first time ever sitting top of the table.

Biggest Hit went to winger Laura Magill who put in a stellar tackle in the first half that prevented Kilburn from putting the first points on the board while Players Player went to Molly McNamara for her excellent runs and support work in the Backs. Warm welcome to Rhino Debuters, Josie Maxfield and Fin Stevens whom put in strong performances for Forwards and Backs respectively.

There were a lot of scrums which made for a disjointed game in open play but both teams worked hard to keep momentum throughout. Rhinos were happy to come away with the win and to be back at Gladstone Park with their Cosmos Chums but are keen to continue working on developing their current play, happy with the days support running, offloads and work at the ruck.

Ladies......October is Breast Cancer awareness Month. Don't forget to check!

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Sun 07, Oct 2018




Women's NC South East North 2

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Haringey Ladies
Kilburn Cosmos Ladies