Sun 16
Under 11's
Under 11s tackle good Darlington side

Under 11s tackle good Darlington side

By darren smith
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A Christmas cracker

Twas the week before Christmas, when Rovers’ defence was still
Quite unlike Darlington, who seemed to score at will
Not a player was stirring, until the third game,
When Austin crossed in the corner, and Oscar did the same

The valiant team complained of sun in their eyes
Which also affected their hands, feet and thighs…
…as none seemed to move, at the pace of before
and plucky Darlington were happy to score

now Arron, now Harvey, now Charlie, now Oscar
cried the coaches trying to share many words of their wisdom
on Harry, on Jay, on Austin, and on Jack
you finally have the sun at your back

to the top of the field, the players they went
and Darlington finally began to relent
and credit is due to our opponents that day
a fine team they are, when we played them away.

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Sun 16, Dec 2018