Child Protection

Child Welfare and Protection Policy
The club’s policy will be reviewed by the cricket committee annually, be updated and amended if necessary and passed to the general committee for acceptance and adoption prior to the club’s each year.
The club recognises the importance of the welfare of young people in cricket and will adhere to and enforce the guidelines set out in ECB documents protecting young people in cricket (‘Safe Hands’) and the ECB Welfare of Young People policy. Hartshorne CC recognises its duty of care and welfare towards its junior members and thereby attempts to promote and encourage good practice and eliminate poor practice and abuse.
The component parts of the policy are listed below:-

1. Club recruitment policy for coaches/volunteers working with young players at Hartshorne CC.
The policy will ensure that all applicants for above posts will be thoroughly vetted in that an application form giving details of previous experience in working with young people in cricket, qualification and registration details, details of CRB checks and self declaration details. References from two people unrelated to the applicant will be required before any appointment will be considered.

2. The club has an appointed post of Welfare Officer
The Welfare Officer will have attended acceptable child protection courses, will be a practising coach within the club, will be ECB qualified and registered, and have a current valid CRB check. Through attendance at child protection courses the post holder will be qualified to deal with welfare issues, recognising the signs of welfare concerns and abuse, and be aware of the ECB’s complaints and discipline procedures in line with ECB regulations. The post of Welfare Officer holds a position on the club’s management committee.

3. Health and Safety Policy
The club is aware of the importance of health and safety in respect of all members. The club will use risk assessment analysis during junior practice and matches. The club will hold details of any medical conditions regarding its junior players in confidence. Attendance records will be kept. First Aid kits are held at Hartshorne CC and will be carried by team managers to junior away fixtures. Instructions for dealing with an emergency are clearly displayed on the club notice boards and in the changing rooms.

4. Equity policy
The club has adopted the Sport England Equity in Sport policy; club coaches have attended the appropriate courses.

5. Codes of Conduct
The club has codes of conduct for adults working with young people, for parents and carers, volunteers and officials, and for young people. These codes have been adopted from ECB resources (‘Safe Hands’).

6. Contact Details
Via registration of junior players the club will hold two copies of all contact details of junior players. One copy will be held centrally in the secretary’s office and one copy will be held by the manager of the appropriate age group.

7. Training opportunities
The club recognises the value and importance of ongoing training in aiming to achieve best practice. Members involved with coaching, welfare, development and cricket related matters will be encouraged to attend suitable training offered by ECB, the Derbyshire County Cricket League and the South Derbyshire District Council.

8. Supervision of Young People
The club acknowledges the guidelines on the supervision of young people at Hartshorne CC and will follow the guidelines of the ECB WYPC policies.

9. Young people and away fixtures
The club acknowledges the guidelines on the supervision of young people at away fixtures and will follow the guidelines of the ECB WYPC policies.

10. Communication to Club Members
The club will communicated to all club members involved in cricket including parents and carers to encourage their active participation and involvement in the junior cricked programme at Hartshorne CC. This will be done via means of the website, team managers meetings, and the club notice board.

11. Contact Details of Welfare Agencies
The club will display via the club website and on the club notice boards contact details for the following: Hartshorne CC Welfare Officer; County Board Welfare Officer; ECB Welfare Officer; South Derbyshire Child Protection Officer; NSPCC; Childline; Area Child Protection Agencies.