Under 11 Hardball Rules

Under 11 Hardball Rules

TheESCA/Bunbury U11 Hardball Rules

1. Each team will consist of 8 players who will bat in pairs. Squads may be of up to ten players.

2. Each pair of batters will bat for three consecutive overs.

3. No bowler may bowl more than two overs in any one game.

4. The wicketkeeper may not bowl.

5. In the event of an injury to a player a substitute will be allowed on the field but not bowl. Should such an injury prevent the player from batting, a substitute from the team's squad will be allowed to bat.

6. Each team will commence its innings with a score of 200. When a batter is out for any reason five runs will be deducted from the total. Otherwise runs will be scored in the normal way.

7. If a batter is dismissed he/she will not face the next delivery, even if this means changing ends.

8. The pitch shall be 20 yards long.

9. The ball shall be 4¾oz.

10. Unless otherwise stated the normal laws of cricket (code 200) will apply except that no extra ball will be given for a wide or no-ball unless this occurs in the last over of an innings.

11. No-one may field within 11 yards of the wicket, measured from the middle stump, except behind the wicket on the off-side. A fielder may move into the restricted area to make a catch or to field a ball provided he was outside the area when the stroke was made.

12. In accordance with the recommendation of the ECB, cricket helmets must be worn when batting or keeping wicket standing up. The ECB fast bowling regulations will apply.

13. The captain is in sole charge on the field and any coaching from the side by team managers or parents is to be discouraged.

14. The decision of the Competition Manager is final in regard to any disputes or infringement of the rules.

Any matters or problems on the day should be referred to the Tournament Organiser.

NB. Rule change 3 - so that no young fast bowler exceeds his daily quota in all day festival