As a Charter Standard Club HTFYC have a formalised procedure for dealing with club disciplinary issues. We set and expect a high standard of our players and parents as we believe its important for us to be setting an example to the young and impressionable players and it is part of our role as a youth football club not only to develop football skills but to develop children’s social interaction skills. Children learn by doing and observing and as such we have a set of standards to which all players, coaches and parents have agreed to abide by.

There is a Club Disciplinary Committee (CDC) made up of the Club Chairman who is the CDC Chair, Club Secretary and Child Welfare Officer. Depending on the nature of the issue for consideration the appropriate age group representative may be asked to join the committee.

The Committee meets as and when required.

The CDC will also adjudicate on any complaints made by a Club Member, Manager, Parent, Match Official or any other Club official.

The Club codes of behaviour are defined in:

As members of both Surrey and Hampshire FA we are also obliged to comply with all the rules and regulations of these various bodies.