About Us

About Us

The history of Hazel Grove United kicks off like an extract from the pages of “Roy of the Rovers”. The club was founded in 1958 when a group of lads made a house to house collection to raise funds and launched themselves onto the local footballscene.

In their very first season, the Under 16’s won the double comprising of the League Championship & Cup in the old Y.O.C. League’s junior section.

Following this early success Hazel Grove United has been renowned as a club which has been at it’s best when playing in the sudden death atmosphere of Cup & League competitions. The clubs trophy cabinet has seen countless prizes won over the years. Over a remarkable 12 year period between 1962 and 1974 the club emerged as winners in three Haslem Cup Finals (season 1962/1963; 1967/1968; & 1973/1974), capturing two Stockport Amateur League titles (season 1969/1970 & 1973/1974.

The clubs crowning glory, perhaps came at the end of the 1976/1977 season by winning a coveted treble comprising of the Stockport Metro League Premier Championship, Stockport & Cheadle Sunday League Division 3 Title as well as picking up the SKF Cup.

With so many fine players having pulled on a Grove shirt over the years we are now looking to support the next generation of players available to us from witin our thriving junior section. The prospects, in supporting local youngsters from the age of 5-17, have never looked brighter. They are encouraged to learn & enjoy themselves as well as to compete and a number of age groups have been rewarded already with League & Cup success in competing in the Stockport Metro Junior League.

The club has great plans centred around delivering the best footballing experience in the area for teams at every level. We are committed to providing our children with a safe environment to play football, where football is fun, where the children experience success and where their teams mates become life long friends – a tall order we agree, but that’s our goal.

We are funded by our parents, managers and sponsors. We would struggle to survive and provide the children with what we do without the support of all these people, so we say a great big thank you to you all.

We would love to build on the base we have, have our own ground and training pitches, that can only be done if people wish to invest in the future of the children we work with. If you would like to sponsor a team or would like to donate to Hazel Grove United and what we are trying to build then please fill in the contact form at the bottom and we will contact you.

We are proud to be Hazel Grove United, we are proud to be able to give the village of Hazel Grove a Football Club worthy of it’s name, we will continue to strive to be the best we can be: Football, Fun, Friendship.

Mike Geddes, Chairman Hazel Grove United JFC