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Sat 30
Hellingly 1XV
"Winning on and off the field"

"Winning on and off the field"

By James Grey
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Hellingly remain unbeaten and spirit grows moving into the Clash of the Titans game vs East Grinstead next weekend.

We scored 5 tries and nailed down a historical win against our good friends Uckfield RFC. Was it perfect? (Dramatic pause)... No. We conceded two soft tries, left at least 10 points out on the field from missed kicks and members of our team who shall remain unnamed (ok David Sands, Matt Hayllar, Jack Cowell, Dale Spiers and Ian Padget) still had enough energy after the game to hit the nightclubs until the early hours of Sunday morning.

But that is the beauty of this victory and our club. Winning for me is about being willing. Willing to work harder that your opposite man and for your team mates. Willing to take risks, chasing maximum points, not fearing failure . Willing to never give up, especially when tired and the game is close and could easily fall away from you.

We have all been involved in fixtures where games have slipped away from us, most significantly Uckfield themselves last season. But in the final 15 minutes this weekend, we demonstrated some of the most passionate, disciplined and persistent rugby I have played in. 15 minutes of rugby that highlights how far we have come as a squad any why next weekend is set to be a nail biting encounter that should not be missed.

It is difficult to identify individuals in this game, as it truly was a team performance from 1-18. I will however note that Jack Cowell scored his second try of the season, Tom stone scored his 5th and I scored 3 tries untouched, running 60 metres of the field for each... (Ok, I exaggerate and it was closer to 5 metres on each but who is measuring?).

Well done to everyone involved and for all of those that came to support us. See you next weekend.

James Grey (Captain)

James Maunder
Dan Halls
Jon Tutty
Mark Harris
Matt Blakiston
Connor Stratford
Matt Hayllar
James Grey (C)
David Searle
Matthew Sands
Tom Stone
David Sands
Ian Padget
Sam Booth
Jack Cowell
Dale Spiers
Scott Monk
Sam Cosham

Key Facts:
Jack Cowell x 1
Tom Stone x 1
James Grey x 3

James Maunder x 1
Matthew Sands x 1
David Searle (does it really count from 9) x 3

David Searle x 1

Coaches Man of the Match: James Grey
Captains man of the match: Matt Blakiston (He drinks a pint respectfully fast)
D of the Day Jon Tutty (Stepped in, as he too is a legend of a drinker)

Quote of the day: James Maunder "Don't do it for me, do it for we!".

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