Club Membership Fees 2020/21

Club Membership Fees 2020/21


Subject to approval at the Club’s AGM on 1st September 2020, the Membership Fees for 2020/21 will remain unchanged. Club Membership payments are payable online. Details to follow.

Minis and Youth Section
£140 family membership per annum (includes 2 parents / guardians and one player only). Split: £60 Club Membership fee and £80 Playing Fee. £80 for each additional player per family per annum.

Senior Players Section
£120 per player per annum. Split: £60 Club Membership fee plus £60 Playing Fee. In addition, senior players are required to pay a £5 weekly match fee for each match they play.

Senior Section, Full time Students
£60 per player per annum plus the £5 weekly match fee for each match they play. Note: There will be no fees payable by students who play for the Club during non-term time only.

Ladies Section
£80 per player per annum.

Non Playing Members
£60 per person per annum.

President's Club
£60 per person per annum.

Vice Presidents & Honorary Life Vice Presidents
Club’s VPs and HLVPs are asked to make a payment at least the equivalent of a non-playing Membership Fee (£60) if they have not otherwise donated the same amount elsewhere in the Club.

Honorary Members
These members are sponsors of the Club and therefore are not asked to pay a Membership Fee.


All players are reminded that The Club takes out mandatory insurance annually through the RFU. Please note that by the terms of the policy, only those members whose subscriptions are fully paid are covered. Any member who wishes to take additional cover should make their own arrangements. Details regarding Club insurance are on the notice board.